’10 billion won outfielder’ 37 genealogy… “You have to overcome career highs”

“I would like to hear that it is the best among Doosan outfields.”

Daehan Kim (23, Doosan Bears) drew attention as a ‘5-tool player’ when he joined. Doosan, who had the right to pick the first pick in the 2019 Seoul draft, chose Daehan Kim without hesitation.

While both pitchers and hitters were evaluated as having outstanding talent, Daehan Kim chose the path of a beast.

He appeared in 19 games in 2019, but failed to report his first hit, and joined the team last year after enlisting in the military. Having shown potential by appearing in 51 games and hitting 4 home runs, he challenged the outfield competition this season.

Kim Dae-han, who is building his body at the spring camp in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia, said, “You are focusing on the batting part. That is the most important thing.”

Hitting coach Koji Goto, who led the team’s batting average (0.309) in 2018, gives advice to Daehan Kim, “Be confident. Kim Dae-han smiled and said, “He gives me strength and makes me feel good about baseball.”

Defensive skills are essential to becoming the starting lineup. Kim Dae-han expressed his confidence. He said, “I’m practicing right fielder and center fielder. I’m confident anywhere if I let the defense out,” he said. “(Lojas came) I think I have to compete. I’m leaving,” he said.

Coach Jeong Su-seong, who is in charge of the running part, highly valued Kim Dae-han’s ‘feet’. He admired the ability to turn the base with excellent elasticity, not just speed. Kim Dae-han said, “Coach Soo-seong Jeong always emphasizes playing to go one more base. Once I do a good base turn, I have to survive, so I will work hard and show a good performance in base base.”

Kim Dae-han wore number 37 from last year. This is the uniform number of Park Gun-woo, who kept one axis of Doosan’s outfield until 2021. 토토사이트 After the end of the 2021 season, Park Kun-woo obtained FA qualification and signed a six-year contract with the NC Dinos for a total of 10 billion won.

As it was a number that left a good performance in the Doosan outfield, a lot of interest continues. As the weight of the first nomination was added, it was expected to be a burden, but Kim Dae-han said, “There is no burden,” and said, “I have to go higher. I will grow up and do better than senior Park Gun-woo at the peak of my career.”

In addition, he said, “I will play well in more games than last year while staying with the first team without going down to the second team. It is not yet time to set a numerical goal. The biggest goal is to play without getting hurt.” chopped up

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