2013 ‘Real Blue’ is over… Director Kim Byung-soo’Emergency Replacement’ Suwon, will it end a 10-game winless streak?

Can coach Kim Byung-soo (52), who is known as a tactician, save Suwon Samsung, which fell into a draw after the opening game?

It is the greatest crisis of a famous football family. Suwon is currently at the bottom with 2 draws, 8 losses and 2 points after playing 10 matches in the Hana One Q 2023 K League 1. The appearance of commanding the domestic soccer world in the past was nowhere to be found. The team is going through the worst period since the team was founded, overlapping with scoring difficulties and defensive anxiety.

In the end, Suwon boldly pulled out his sword to escape the crisis. He sacked the club’s legendary defender, the leader. Coach Lee Byung-geun (50) stepped down from the commanding tower of his former team, Suwon, after 364 days in office. At the press conference for the 7th manager, he expressed his ambition, saying, “I will get through difficult times,” but even after entering the new season, he could not find the right answer and left only a lonely back.

Suwon’s choice, once the command tower was replaced, was the acting manager Choi Seong-yong. Acting coach Choi is also a so-called ‘Real Blue’ who is known as a veteran of Suwon. However, Suwon went downhill even in the system of acting coach Choi. After losing 1-3 to their biggest rival, FC Seoul, they lost 0-1 to Pohang Steelers. Even against Daegu FC held at home on the 30th, they lost 0-1 and were unable to escape from a losing streak.

With no place to retreat, Suwon’s choice was the tactician’s return to the K-League stage. In 2010, director Yoon Seong-hyo cut off the pulse of ‘Real Blue’. Coach Kim Byung-soo created the ‘Byeong-soo Ball’ wind with his unique positioning soccer during his days at Gangwon FC. During his time at Yeungnam University, he was recognized for his leadership by nurturing Shin Jin-ho, Kim Seung-dae (Pohang Steelers), Lee Myeong-joo (Incheon United), and Son Jun-ho (Shandung Taisan). In November 2021, when he was in Gangwon, he was dismissed ahead of three final round games. At that time, Gangwon succeeded in remaining in the K-League 1 under coach Choi Yong-soo. 토토사이트

The full-fledged Suwon command will begin on the 7th. It is expected that the training will be conducted directly. On the 5th, I will directly observe the match against Incheon United. He will make his managerial debut in a home game against Jeonbuk Hyundai on the 10th. Suwon said, “We expect that coach Kim will quickly renovate the squad and put Suwon on the right track even in a tight time frame. The coaching staff change will be announced in the future after fully accepting the director’s wishes.”

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