“2022 LPGA enjoyed everything except winning… In the New Year, Monday is sure to win”

Choi Hye-jin (24), born in 1999, is dreaming of a new leap forward in the year of Gye-myo (癸卯).

Choi Hye-jin won six crowns, 온라인카지노 including the 2019 Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Grand Prize, the prize money king, and the lowest stroke award. From 2018 to 2020, she won the grand prize for three consecutive years. Hyejin Choi, who conquered her domestic stage, debuted on her LPGA tour last year. She ranked 6th in the money list (2,075,696 dollars, about 2.615 billion won), and she earned the most money among players without a tour win. She also placed second in rookie of the year points, and was evaluated as the only remaining win for her first tour.

Choi Hye-jin, who met on the 5th at Team Glorious, a professional golf training center in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, said, “I want to give 90 points” to a request to rate her debut season on the LPGA Tour. Hyejin Choi said, “It’s a pity that she didn’t win,” but she said, “The primary goal for her was to adapt to the tour, but she participated in many tournaments and didn’t miss the cut. At the end of the season, she felt physically tough, but she finished to the end and it was a good experience for her new season,” she said.

Hyejin Choi competed in 27 of her 32 overall events on the LPGA Tour last season. She placed in the top 10 10 times, including runner-up once and third place three times. Choi Hye-jin said, “Her older sisters (with whom she played on the Korean tour) took great care of her, so there was no time to be lonely.” She did not have a house in the United States, so she moved to her accommodation and stayed at the houses of her seniors, including Choi Hye-jin and Lee Jeong-eun, 6 (27).

There are many things I learned from the LPGA Tour, the world’s highest level of women’s golf. Choi Hye-jin said, “The players’ ability to recover (to make up for mistakes or in critical situations) was really good. In Korea, if her shot fluctuates, she often fails to score the expected score. It was impressive to see LPGA Tour players somehow overcome even when their shots don’t go the way they intended,” she said.

What needs to be improved is putting. Choi Hye-jin said, “There were so many different types of grass on the green that it was difficult to get used to the feel of the ball rolling or the sense of touch,” she said. Hyejin Choi finished 80th overall on her tour last year with her putt average of 30.32. Her hit rate for Hyejin Choi’s greens is 76.54%, which is third overall on her tour.

Choi Hye-jin leaves for her field training in Thailand on the 23rd. From the 23rd next month, she will participate in the ‘Honda LPGA Thailand’ event in Chonburi, Thailand, to enhance her game sense. Choi Hye-jin said, “When she faces a difficult course or plays with a difficult opponent, she seems to have played around a lot out of anxiety. She will try to be more confident in my choices this year and go straight to the play I want,” she said. She continued, “Despite the time difference, she is so grateful to her Korean fans for cheering her on even at dawn. Just as the Year of the Rabbit returns once every 12 years, I believe that good vibes will continue this year, and I will deliver good news on Monday morning (Korean time) when the final round of the tournament ends with the first win of the tour,” she laughed.

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