2701 solution the association is struggling with, why did a full-time doctor come out?

The ‘2701 Incident’, which left a big scar on Korean football, is a problem that can recur if the Korea Football Association’s mandatory system is not improved.

As the number of players traveling around Europe has increased, 카지노사이트.the level of expectations has also risen.

The reason the association promised to strengthen the medical team until March, when the national soccer team is reconvened in a statement on the 10th, is because it belatedly realized this fact.

In the soccer field, it is pointed out that it is time to revise not only the personal trainer and collaboration plan that players have been dissatisfied with, but also the attending physician system.

In the national team, the attending physician diagnoses the player’s physical condition, and the trainers follow the prescription. Depending on how well the attending physician understands the players, the treatment effect also differs.

Unfortunately, Korea is weak in this area. The medical subcommittee of the association recommends a doctor whenever a competition is held, which is practically volunteer work. Doctors who have a deep love for football apply, but it is an honorary position, so it is difficult to bond with the players because it changes frequently.

Even when an athlete’s injury worsens, trust in the attending physician may be shaken. The case of Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), who was seriously injured during the World Cup in Qatar, is an example.

Former national team coach Choi Tae-wook said in an interview with a press after the World Cup, “(Hwang Hee-chan) said that he injured his hamstring (back of the thigh) in his team right before the World Cup, so he joined training while undergoing rehabilitation, but two days before the first game, he was injured again. He said the root cause was not properly checking the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the injured area.” Coach Choi said, “I think this problem arises because the national team’s doctor changes every tournament. He emphasized that it is a case that shows why there must be a ‘full-time doctor’.”

However, according to the Football Association’s explanation, there was no need to request an MRI because there was no problem with the opinion received from Wolverhampton, Hwang Hee-chan’s team. It is difficult to see this as a problem in the diagnosis process of the attending physician. This is a case where distrust in the national team doctor system led to distrust in the doctor.

The full-time doctor system, which directly employs the primary care physician, is costly. Professor-level specialists at university hospitals are treated with more than 15 million won per month before tax. If it is difficult for the association, which is still experiencing financial difficulties due to the spread of Corona 19, to introduce a full-time doctor system right away, it is necessary to adjust the system in stages. For example, it is to establish a system in which a fixed primary care doctor is in charge, even if it is a 4-year cycle, together with the coach of the national team.

An official from the association said, “Coach Choi’s remarks are interpreted as the opinion that a system that does not miss the individual physical condition of the players is needed.” Along with the trainer problem, we will prepare for the attending physician to come up with the best alternative.”

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