4 years after death… Cardiff pays part of Salah transfer fee to Nantes

The dispute over the transfer fee of Emiliano Sala, who died in a plane crash four years ago, seems to be gradually resolved. Cardiff City, who signed Salah, paid part of the transfer fee to Nantes.

Sala passed away in a plane crash in January 2019. It was a tragedy that happened on the way to his new club, Cardiff City, from Nantes in Ligue 1, France. Sala, who had returned to Nantes from a medical in Cardiff, planned to fly to Cardiff on 21 January 2019 to join him for his first training session. However, the plane en route from Nantes to Cardiff crashed at sea, and Sala’s death was soon reported.

Nantes, who transferred the player, and Cardiff, who did not allow the player to appear even after signing, had a legal dispute over the payment of the transfer fee. The side that had to receive and the side that could not give confronted, and FIFA asked Cardiff to pay 60 million euros (53 million pounds, about 80.4 billion won) to Nantes. 카지노.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) also sided with Nantes. Cardiff refused to pay Salah, saying he was not officially their player, but ultimately lost. In August 2022, CAS ordered Cardiff to pay the first installment of the transfer fee.

According to recent reports from the BBC and others, it is known that Cardiff paid about 6 million euros to Nantes last month. Cardiff, who were barred from signing in three transfer windows amid legal disputes, are now expected to escape FIFA’s punishment by paying a portion of the transfer fee.

Cardiff is still refusing to accept the CAS ruling. An appeal is underway to the Swiss Federal Court, where FIFA’s headquarters is located, and the ruling is expected to come out in late January or early February.

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