‘79 total players in the 1st team and Futures’ Samsung starts the all-time Okinawa spring camp

Samsung announced the start of the 2023 spring camp. The position of the coaching staff has also been confirmed. There are also newly recruited Japanese coaches.

On the 26th, Samsung said, “On the 30th, we will start the overseas battery training schedule for the 2023 season. This battery training will be held in Okinawa for 40 days. We plan to hold both training and practice games at the Onna-son Akama Stadium, the exclusive stadium for the Lions spring camp.”

The team will depart on the Korean Air KE755 (Incheon International Airport Terminal 2) at 8:05 am on the 30th. After that, it comes in at 11:35 am on March 10th.A total of 10 practice matches are scheduled in Okinawa. A total of five matches will be played against the Japanese team, including Nippon Ham on February 9th, Chunichi on February 11th and 12th, Hanshin on the 19th, and Yomiuri on March 4th. A total of 5 practice matches will be held against domestic teams: Lotte on February 28, KIA on March 1 and 5, SSG on the 6th, and Hanwha on the 8th.

This year, the Futures team will also set up a camp in Okinawa. 안전놀이터 The Futures team will depart Korea a day later on the 31st at 8:05 am on Korean Air KE755 and return to Incheon at 11:35 am on February 26th. On February 16th, we will also play a practice match against Nippon Ham. The training ground for the Futures team is in the Ishikawa area.

The roster for this camp included a number of players who will lead the lion corps this season. A total of 43 players, including 22 pitchers, 4 catchers, 10 infielders and 7 outfielders, will join the first team camp. The Futures had 36 players on the roster, including 12 rookies.The position of the coaching staff to accompany the players this season has also been confirmed. First of all, coach Lee Byung-kyu was named as the head coach to assist coach Park Jin-man in the first team, and coach Jung Hyun-wook and coach Park Han-i will lead the pitcher and batting parts as they did last year.

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