“A club full of problems, it was right to refuse!”… Nagelsmann’s agent Chelsea ‘slammed’

Former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann was offered the role of Chelsea’s next manager, but turned it down. Why did Nagelsmann reject Chelsea?

Nagelsmann was the first contact from Chelsea after parting ways with Bayern Munich. He was Chelsea’s next manager. However, Nagelsmann withdrew from negotiations with Chelsea, and in the end, former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is expected to be appointed as Chelsea’s new manager.

What happened during negotiations with Chelsea? Nagelsmann’s agent, Volker Struth, told Germany’s Bild why Nagelsmann rejected Chelsea.

He said, “Chelsea’s number one manager was Nagelsmann. After Nagelsman’s exit from Bayern Munich, Chelsea quickly called Nagelsmann. The phone went through. But Nagelsman refused. “It was the right decision for Nagelsmann to turn down Chelsea.”

He continued, “Chelsea is a club in trouble and a club full of problems. In particular, the manager had a lot of responsibility for Chelsea’s transfer policy, which costs hundreds of millions of euros, and the manager had to fulfill the policy. There were many other problems,” he added. 토토사이트

Finally, Struth emphasized: “Again, Nagelsmann was Chelsea’s number one manager. From our information, that’s certain. Had Nagelsmann accepted the Chelsea offer, he could have been Chelsea manager.”

Coach Nagelsmann, who rejected Chelsea, is currently being discussed as the number one manager of Chelsea’s league rival Tottenham.

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