Bae Jun-ho shining at the U-20 Asian Cup… The future of Korean football is bright

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-20 Asian Cup is currently underway. The Korean national team, which got off to a good start with two consecutive victories, is full of promising players who will brighten the future of Korean soccer.

One of the stars that stands out here is Bae Jun-ho (20, Daejeon Hana Citizen).

Bae Jun-ho is a second-line resource such as an attacking midfielder and a side striker, and was a large prospect who received a lot of expectations and attention since high school. Thanks to his presence even after his professional debut, he was called by manager Kim Eun-joong and is currently participating in the AFC U-20 Asian Cup. The number 10, which symbolizes an ace, is a part where you can get a glimpse of his weight in Kim Eun-joong.

Bae Jun-ho was a key player who led the blast of Pyeongtaek Jinwi FC during his high school days. Jinwi FC, which he played a key role in, conquered the high school league by winning the 2020 Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism high school football tournament, and the following year, rising to the top in every major competition such as the Geumseok Cup, Muhak Cup, and Busan MBC competition. Bae Jun-ho performed like an ace in the second line, including an attacking midfielder.

“Junho was a friend with potential for growth from the beginning, and the speed of growth was very fast,” said Jinwi FC coach Koh Jae-hyo, who was his teacher. There were a lot of calls from professional teams to recruit Junho.”

Daejeon put a lot of effort into recruiting Bae Jun-ho. The club’s ethos of creating a B team (group 2) to participate in the K4 League and developing promising players led to the promotion of recruiting Bae Jun-ho, who was evaluated as the number one in the high school rankings at the time. In the end, after fierce recruitment competition, Bae Jun-ho wore the Daejeon uniform.

In his professional debut season, Bae Jun-ho gained experience by going back and forth between the 1st team and the B team (2nd team). The league record for his first professional season is 1 goal in 10 games, including the promotion playoffs (PO). In particular, in the K-League Promotion PO with Managing Director Kim Cheon, he participated as a starter in both the first and second games to help the team promote.

Thanks to this, he is participating in the AFC U-20 Asian Cup after receiving a call from manager Kim Eun-joong. In the first and second matches of the group stage against Oman and Jordan, he took the starting position, and in particular, in the second match against Jordan, he scored the winning goal with a sensuous right-footed mid-range shot from a long distance without missing a chance when the opposing goalkeeper emptied the goal.

He is expected to lead the future of Daejeon by adding a distinct growth trend after his professional debut to the potential he showed during his high school days. Regarding Bae Jun-ho, coach Lee Min-seong said, “I like the play that saves the flow of the ball without killing it. He is also good at making killer passes that break down the opponent’s defense. If he only chases the tempo of a pro, he will be able to show his sharp side throughout 90 minutes.” 먹튀검증

An official from the club also said, “Bae Jun-ho is a player with great talent and potential. As he has been consistently selected for the national team and is showing good performance, he represents the team through his league and national team experience, and we are looking forward to his growth as a player representing Korea.”

Meanwhile, Daejeon sent three players to the U-20 national team, becoming the team that sent the most players among professional teams. In addition to Bae Jun-ho, Bae Seo-joon (20) and Kim Kyung-hwan (20) are currently selected for the national team.

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