Basketball Association Korea basketball future development strategy, media invitation briefing held

The Korea Basketball Association will hold a briefing session for reporters in charge of basketball on the establishment of development strategies for the future of Korean basketball on the 8th at Le Meridien Seoul Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.

This briefing session was held by Kwon Hyuk-woon, who was elected as the 34th president of the Korea Basketball Association (hereinafter referred to as the Basketball Association) in 2021, and the Korea Basketball Future Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Future Development Committee) centered on experts for change and reform of Korean basketball immediately after taking office. This is the first time to publicly disclose the report created by the launch of

The Future Development Committee, which was launched in May 2022, has been working hard to prepare for a new future for Korean basketball by breaking away from the old methods of the association’s overall decision-making and system, centered on basketball players, for a long time.

In particular, using the Korea Football Association, which has the best system among domestic sports, as a model, the current reality and situation of the Basketball Association and the areas to be supplemented were discussed intensively to create the direction that Korean basketball should go in the future.

After 2022, they gathered opinions through workshops and video conferences several times, and in October 2022, they published a report on the future development strategy of basketball in Korea.

In December, a briefing session was held for city and provincial branch presidents and association officials under the Basketball Association, and at the 2022 board meeting held in January this year, the association officially adopted the related report. 크크크벳

The future development strategy report presents five tasks for the path Korean basketball should take for the next 10 years, preparing for the future, not the present, with the goal of strengthening global competitiveness and restoring the status of the most popular sport in winter.

Jeong Jae-yong, chairman of the Future Development Committee, said, “This is nothing new. I just put together what we talked about on the spot, and prepared with the idea of ​​preparing for the future rather than producing immediate results. Above all, it fully contained the will of President Kwon Hyuk-woon for the future of Korean basketball,” he said, conveying the significance of publishing the report.

At the briefing session on the 8th, Basketball Association President Kwon Hyuk-woon, Vice Presidents Park So-heum, Park Jong-yoon, and Chairman Jeong Jae-yong will sit down and explain the background of the publication of this report and the contents contained in it.

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