‘Bentuho insider’ Choi Tae-wook opened his mouth… Why did Lee Kang-in get a chance at WC?

Lee Chun-su’s best friend, Choi Tae-wook, who until recently served as the coach of the Korean national team for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, appeared on Chun-su Lee’s YouTube channel, ‘Chun-soo Lee’, which was released on the 21st.

Lee Chun-soo asked Choi Tae-wook about Lee Kang-in, who played a big role in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. I asked why Lee Kang-in, who was excluded from the Qatar World Cup and the final evaluation match, was given many opportunities at the Qatar World Cup.

In fact, Lee Kang-in was shunned by coach Bento until the Qatar World Cup. Lee Kang-in played a big role in Mallorca in the Spanish Primera Liga, but Bento coach did not moderate Lee Kang-in. Because of this, he was criticized by numerous domestic soccer fans.

However, coach Bento replaced Lee Kang-in in the 30th minute of the second half of the Qatar World Cup against Uruguay, and then took out Lee Kang-in again in the 12th minute of the second half of the 메이저사이트 match against Ghana. Lee Kang-in delivered a ‘courier cross assist’ to Cho Kyu-seong in the 13th minute of the second half of the match against Ghana.

Lee Kang-in later started in Portugal, which was the final match of the group stage. It is Lee Kang-in who played an active role in leading the Korean World Cup national team’s ‘myth of 16’. 

Regarding this, Choi Tae-wook said, “(Lee) Kang-in started to improve a lot from 6 months ago. “Because I keep watching the game.”

He added, “(Coach Bento) considers defensive switching very important. (Lee Kang-in) knew that he would play an active role in the attack to some extent. Defensive switching was important, but it started to happen six months ago.”

At the same time, Choi Tae-wook said, “When I watched from the side, coach Bento didn’t give me a chance, but Kang In-i got a chance himself. He overcame it. That’s why he played the game.”

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in, who returned to Mallorca after the Qatar World Cup, missed the Celta Bigo match on the 21st (hereinafter Korean time) due to a disciplinary action for accumulated warnings (5 warning cards in the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-23 season). He is scheduled to return for an away game against Cadiz on the 28th.

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