‘Best sense’ Kim Hyo-joo… Park Min-ji, a master of hit and run in front of Yoo Hae-ran

Last September, the second round of the ‘OK Financial Group Pak Se-ri INVITATIONAL’ (total prize money of 800 million won, winner prize money of 144 million won) was held at the Serenity Country Club in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, Chungcheongbuk-do [par 72/6,739 yards (final 6,714 yards).

Kim Hyo-joo, along with Park Min-ji and Yoo Hae-ran, started from the 1st tee at 12:00. In the first round, Hyo-joo Kim was 5th with a 3-under 69, Hae-ran Yoo was 2nd with 4-under, and Min-ji Park was 37th with an even.

Yoo Hae-ran, Park Min-ji, and Kim Hyo-joo (from left) gathered to pose after each tee shot. Kim Hyo-joo posed while making ‘OK’ with both hands, pointing to the organizer as if thinking in advance. 안전놀이터

Next to her, Park Min-ji looked at Kim Hyo-joo and followed the ‘OK’ pose. Yoo Hae-ran, who felt something strange about her, posed OK with Park Min-ji, but Kim Hyo-joo was already moving toward the second shot with her hands down.

To Kim Hyo-joo, who started off first, Park Min-ji and Yoo Hae-ran said, “You’re too good! How is it that you’re the only one who poses like that?”

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