Cage football tournament held with just 3 girls

“Are you confident? Then come in!”.

Olive Creative, which operates the Korea Football Association Football Fantasium, announced that it will hold the ‘1st Cage Football in Fantasium’ on the 19th at the Fantasium Arena located in the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

To expand the base of women’s soccer, which has recently received a lot of attention through various entertainment programs, and to heighten interest in the Women’s World Cup to be held in July, this tournament is a 3-on-3 futsal match in which amateur female college students and adult women participate. A total of 70 players from 16 teams will participate and compete for the first championship.

This competition adopts a kick-off method in which players from both teams compete to acquire the ball at the start of the game using Dr. Cannon, a soccer ball shooting machine, starting from the half-line and shooting from the desired area within 5 seconds. Ice hockey shoot-out Penalty kick system introduced, all players can play goalkeeper without a separate goalkeeper position, but the use of hands is prohibited, and various and different game methods that are different from existing soccer and futsal are introduced, so women are afraid or reluctant to play soccer. We plan to pursue a variety of fun without it.

In addition, the ‘WK League Player Training Session’ was held in which current WK League players such as Suwon FC Women’s Mi-ra Moon, Seon-mi Ji, and Ha-neul Jeon participated directly, so that the participating players could learn various skills and Q&A from professional women’s soccer players on the spot. By having time, I plan to further increase my interest and interest in soccer. 스포츠토토

In addition, by operating an ESG program in which participating players wear heart rate monitors during the game to check the health of the players during the game and donate using various data (heart rate, calories) generated during the game, a simple soccer tournament It will also serve as a window for social contribution activities. 

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