Carrot promotes sale after one season… What is KBL’s response?

Since its launch, the Goyang Carrot professional basketball team, which has often been on the chopping block due to financial difficulties, has been looking for a new owner. Attention is focusing on whether Day One Sports, the operator of Carrot, will normalize. Day One Sports admitted on the 7th that it was looking for a new owner for the basketball team. An official from Day One Sports said, “We have been negotiating the sale of the basketball team with a company since the end of last year.” As it is a very sensitive matter, details such as the name of the company were not disclosed. Carrot, who took over the basketball team from Orion last summer and made a fresh start, changed clothes once again within a year.
However, nothing concrete has been decided yet. Since it is digesting the regular league of ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ under the name of Carrot, it remains to be seen at what point the sale of the club will actually take place. It is highly likely that the sale will be carried out in detail after the end of the season.

Besides, the sale of the club is not simple. Even if the sale is decided, it has to go through various processes such as due diligence of the club. Therefore, it is not easy to finally determine a new owner in a short period of time. Even in the process of Orion being acquired by Day One Sports, it took a considerable amount of time from the announcement of the sale to the final decision.

Day One Sports acquired Orion and ran a basketball team, while continuing to expose financial problems. In October of last year, ahead of the opening of the 2022-2023 season, the first subscription fee of 500 million won was delayed to KBL. When the deadline was not met, KBL convened an emergency board meeting and proposed a new payment deadline, and decided to boycott the league if it was violated. 온라인카지노 Carrot deposited 500 million won on the new payment due date.

However, during the season, the team’s salaries were paid late, and financial problems were continuously exposed, such as failing to pay the amount due to related companies such as event companies. In the end, it is an established theory that Day One Sports, which could not overcome financial pressure, set out to find a new owner for the basketball team.

KBL plans to closely monitor the situation and take necessary measures. A high-ranking KBL official said on the 8th, “We are monitoring the situation. We will wait and see whether the additional subscription fee (1 billion won), which is set as the payment due date on March 31st, will be paid,” he said sparingly. He continued, “There are parts where the existing board of directors has sufficiently discussed issues related to Carrot, but it is not at the stage to disclose it. It believes Carrot will pay the promised 1 billion won by March 31. I will watch more as time permits.”

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