Chelsea, Newcastle, and Everton, who ‘played a lot’, ‘waves of remembrance’… Newcastle silent before the game

Christian Achu’s former teams, Chelsea, Newcastle United and Everton, who finally lost their lives in the earthquake in Turkiye, mourned.

Achu’s current team, Turkey 1st Division Hatayspor, officially announced the death of Achu on the 18th (Korean time).

Local media Asfor reported, “According to the Achu agent, Achu’s body was found under the rubble of a building. Currently, his cell phone and other belongings are being found.”

Achu, a striker from Ghana who previously played for Chelsea and Newcastle United, went missing on the 6th in the aftermath of a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in southeastern Turkey and Syria.

On the 7th, British Guardian and other foreign media announced the news of his return, saying, “Achu was rescued from a 9-story building and transferred to the hospital. He was injured in his right foot and had difficulty breathing, but is currently receiving recovery treatment.” Hataispor also announced that “Achu was found injured and rescued.” However, this turned out to be a misinformation. 메이저놀이터

The British Daily Mail said, “Contrary to the club’s announcement, Achu’s whereabouts have not yet been identified. He was not found at the hospital where Achu was known to have been transferred, and a desperate time continues for his family.”

In the end, many people are sad that the death was confirmed through the local media after 12 days of disappearance.

The current team, Hatayspor, reported the news of Ahchu’s death through the club’s official website.

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