‘Competition to win’ is back in Man City’s hands… Arsenal meet Manchester City, Chelsea, Newcastle in the future

The direction of the championship competition is again in the hands of Manchester City. Arsenal are ahead of the death schedule of meeting Manchester City-Chelsea-Newcastle in the future.

Arsenal drew 2-2 with Liverpool in the 30th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Anfield in Liverpool, England at 0:30 am (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) on the 10th. Arsenal (73 points), which only added 1 point, allowed 2nd place Man City (67 points) to pursue.

It was a game that should have been won. Arsenal have never beaten Liverpool at Anfield in the last 11 years. Nevertheless, if the jinx was broken this time, it would not only widen the gap with Man City to 8 points, but also increase the possibility of continuing the unusual record of winning at Anfield in all seasons of the 21st century when it won the league.

But it didn’t. Arsenal had to be satisfied with a 2-2 draw, allowing a last-minute chase in the second half even after scoring two goals in the 28th minute of the first half. Arsenal only added 1 point, and the gap with 2nd place Man City was 6 points.

Now, the direction of the trophy is in the hands of Man City again. Of course, Arsenal still have the advantage. Although Manchester City has played one less game, Arsenal can rise to the top of the league for the first time in 19 years if they win all the games as they are still six points away from the points. 토스카지노

Nevertheless, many media are evaluating that Man City has occupied an advantageous position in that Man City has become able to ‘win on their own’. The fact that they are undefeated in 12 matches in all recent competitions (10 wins, 2 draws) also played a role. In fact, the data analysis company ‘Five 38’ updated the chances of winning the EPL, assigning 58% to Man City and 42% to Arsenal.

Besides, Arsenal’s league schedule is tougher. While Man City’s remaining strong team is Arsenal, Arsenal will meet Manchester City, Chelsea, Newcastle and Brighton in a row in late April and early May. In addition, the match against Man City will be played at the Etihad Stadium, the home ground of Man City. Arsenal are winless there since 2015.

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