“Conte should be cut immediately”… Will Tottenham pull a knife during the season?

“Antonio Conte also doesn’t want to be at Tottenham. He has to be kicked out immediately.”

Originally, it was expected that the company would continue until the end of the season when the contract expired. However, the voice that the manager should be changed before the end of the season is gaining strength.

From youth to professional debut. Jamie O’Hara, who played an active role at Tottenham, says that the manager of Tottenham needs to change as soon as possible. O’Hara currently hosts a football-related broadcast on British media ‘Talk Sports’.

“Conte has to leave. Tottenham don’t wait until the season is over. He doesn’t even want to stay at Tottenham,” said Ohara.

Conte’s managerial contract with Tottenham expires at the end of this season. There is no renewal of the contract.

As Tottenham remained unemployed for 15 years, the theory of Conte’s responsibility came to the fore. The current position of fourth in the Premier League is also not safe.

As O’Hara said, Conte’s motivation is rock bottom. Recently, through several interviews, he expressed disappointment with the club’s leadership and fans. He is also in poor health due to cholecystitis surgery.

In the UK, several people are mentioned every day as the manager next to Tottenham. Among them, the most likely candidate is Mauricio Pochettino.

He is the leader who led Tottenham from 2015 to 2019. In 2019, he also reached the final of the UEFA Champions League. After that, he went to PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) and was sacked, and is currently unemployed. 메이저놀이터

O’Hara also supports Pochettino. In particular, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy insists that Pochettino go beyond a simple manager change and actively recruit players he wants.

“There has to be a change. If you bring Pochettino to the helm and don’t support the football he wants to play, the team doesn’t get better. There’s no point in Pochettino coming back to Tottenham if the squad is the same. Levy has to move. If the team doesn’t improve, the fans will turn against Levy, not the manager.”

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