Coway Blue Wheels wins the Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Championship for the first time

The Coway Blue Wheels wheelchair basketball team won their first championship at the Goyang Special Market Cup Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Championship.

In the final of the 28th Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament held at the Holt Sports Complex for the Disabled in Goyang City on the 20th, Coway defeated the Chuncheon Sports Association for the Disabled 66 to 64 and rose to the top. The Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Championship, which is held every year to commemorate the Day of Persons with Disabilities (April 20), saw Coway and six other domestic wheelchair basketball teams compete for the title.

Coway advanced to the semi-finals with a record of 1 win and 1 loss after a fierce battle against Daegu Metropolitan City Hall and Chuncheon City Disabled Sports Association in the previous group stage. In the semi-finals, they defeated Jeju Samdasoo 66-54 and advanced to the final.

The opponent in the final was the Chuncheon City Paralympic Sports Association, the winner of last year’s competition. 2022 KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League Championship Match and return match. In the first KWBL championship match last year, Coway won. Coway continued the spirit of victory at the time. They came out on top with a narrow victory by 2 points. 메이저사이트

As a result, Coway has solidified its position as a prestigious emerging wheelchair basketball club by winning the first tournament of this season following last year’s National Paralympic Games and KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League champions.

Coway coach Kim Young-moo said, “Thank you to Coway executives and staff who have always given their support and encouragement to Coway Blue Wheels, and I am very happy and happy to be able to repay their support with a victory.” I will do my best with the players to give it to you.”

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