Director Ki-il Nam sighs… Fullback born in 2004 is appointed to the front line

K-League 1 Jeju United coach Nam Ki-il’s sigh is deepening. From the beginning of the season, the squad has become an injury ward, so it is also a concern to make a starting lineup.

During the third round of this season, Jeju is winless. The score is also limited to 1 goal. He concedes only 2 goals and is making a save.

From the first game, captain Choi Young-joon collapsed with a serious injury. During the opening game, he fell alone and grabbed his knee, and was eventually diagnosed with a cruciate ligament rupture. Following this, key resources Lee Chang-min, Lim Chae-min, and Yeon Je-woon fell, and Jin Seong-wook also left due to an injury during the game.

Coach Nam Ki-il complains that if he prepares for the season and the next game, the players will go out due to injuries. Head coach Nam Ki-il met with reporters ahead of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 4 home game against FC Seoul at 4:30 pm on the 18th at the Jeju World Cup Stadium and sighed, saying, “I only played 3 games, but I think I played several games.” Exhaled.

The frustrating attack is also a concern. He only scored 1 goal in 3 matches, so he came out with an irregular tactic for this game. Kim Dae-hwan, born in 2004, who was born in Jeju youth and joined last season with a semi-professional contract, was selected as the frontline striker. It is a full-back resource that was originally considered as the successor to Ahn Hyun-beom. However, in today’s game, he is in the forefront and is in charge of performing offensive tactics using quick feet. Coach Nam Ki-il said, “I will find a breakthrough with a quick attack.” 먹튀검증

On the bench, there are resources waiting to score. The replacement time will be set according to the game situation. Coach Nam Ki-il predicted the game, saying, “We are expecting goals from players like Kim Seung-seop and Seo Jin-soo, who will be replaced.”

For Jeju, Kim Dong-jun, Jeong-woon, Kim Joo-won, Kim Oh-kyu, Lee Ju-yong, Koo Ja-cheol, Kim Bong-soo, Ahn Hyun-beom, Ji Sang-wook, Kim Dae-hwan, and Hayes will start.

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