Disbanding of ‘Sonke Duo’… “I have to go to Real Madrid, I must leave” transfer recommendation

Can we continue to see the chemistry between Tottenham attacking duo Son Heung-min (31) and Harry Kane (30)?

Recently, Kane transfer rumors are circulating. This is because the contract with Tottenham expires in the summer of 2024. Tottenham and Kane stood at a crossroads of choice. This summer, when the season ends, is virtually the last chance Tottenham can sell Kane and get a decent transfer fee. Kane can also consider leaving Tottenham and moving to a team competing for the championship.

According to local reports, Tottenham has no intention of letting go of franchise star Kane. There was also talk that he would start working on renewing his contract from February. However, there are still many teams aiming for Kane, who boasts top-notch scoring power. 

There are reports that Manchester United and Newcastle United, who have plenty of wallet circumstances, are keeping an eye on Kane. Real Madrid, which always has the world’s leading strikers, is also being mentioned as Kane’s next destination. 

As Kane’s time to choose is approaching, football expert Tom McManus strongly recommended a ‘transfer’. 

McManus told British media Football Insider on the 25th (Korean time), “If you want to win, you must leave (Tottenham). It’s a simple thing,” he said. 안전놀이터 “What is the best result Tottenham can get this season? Tottenham still have the FA Cup, and although the chances are small, they could end up in the top four.”

Pointing out that it is difficult to win the championship in Tottenham, McManus said, “Maybe a transfer to Real Madrid will be fine. Karim Benzema is fantastic, but he is no longer young. At Real, trophies are guaranteed.” 

It is predicted that whether Tottenham manager Antonio Conte will remain will also affect Kane’s transfer. Conte’s contract with Tottenham runs until June of this year. 

“It looks like Conte is leaving Tottenham,” McManus said. “If I were Kane, he would 100 percent find a way to get out.” 

Kane, who won the EPL scorer three times, is showing off his hot toes this season as well. He scored 16 goals in 21 league appearances, and is running second in scoring behind Elling Hollan (Manchester City, 25 goals).

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