‘Doctor K’ Strider, ‘K-300K with the best 9 innings ever’ challenge

Spencer Strider (25, Atlanta Braves), who set the record for the lowest number of strikeouts of 200 innings as a rookie, is recording a higher strikeout rate per 9 innings than last year.

Strider threw 40 innings in 7 games of the season until the 11th (Korean time), recording 4 wins undefeated and an ERA of 2.70. 67 strikeouts.

As a result, Strider is tied for first place in the major leagues in this category even though he played one less game than pitchers competing for the strikeout title.

Currently, Strider strikeouts per 9 innings is a whopping 15.1. It is more than one more than last year’s 13.8. Also, this record is more than Shane Bieber’s 14.2, the highest ever in a single season.

The Striders have thrown six or more innings in just three of their seven games this season. Number 4 digested 5 innings. But when it comes to strikeouts, he’s unmatched.

After the opening, he struck out 9 in 4 consecutive games, and struck out 13 against the Miami Marlins, who threw the most 8 innings this season.

In addition, in the two games after the Miami match, he played 5 innings, striking out 8 and striking out 10. He’s striking out a lot regardless of innings and runs.

Although it is early in the season, there is a possibility of striking out 300 times. If Strider plays more than 32 games with this momentum, he can challenge 300 strikeouts.

Weakness is pitching pattern. Strider is a player whose main weapon is a slider and a four-seam fastball that reaches up to 100 mph. 카지노사이트 Pitching patterns are not diverse.

As a result, in a game where both pitches do not listen, the number of pitches increases. The higher the number of pitches, the lower the chances of striking out.

In order for Strider to become a better pitcher than he is now, he needs to develop a clear third pitch to double the power of his four-seam fastball and slider.

Attention is focusing on whether Strider, who appeared like a comet last year, will be able to achieve the best strikeout per 9 innings ever and 300 strikeouts, continuing the current strikeout momentum.

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