‘get out!’ LAD eventually handles Bauer’s ‘waiting for release’… Remaining annual salary of 28.4 billion ‘live money’

Los Angeles Dodgers finally release Trevor Bauer (32). I got a lot of money, but I couldn’t even use it properly. It is expected to be a case of failure that can be counted by hand.
The Dodgers said on the 7th (Korean time), “Our club fully agrees with the domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse prevention regulations, and faithfully participated in the investigation by the Major League Secretariat. Bauer received the longest suspension (194 games) since the rule went into effect. Bauer announced that he is no longer part of our team.”

Along with this, the Dodgers processed Bauer’s designation for transfer (DFA). waiting for release Players who have been declared DFA may be taken by other teams. If there is no offer from another team, it goes down to the minor leagues. However, the Dodgers do not intend to accept a move to the minors. I’m thinking of a complete breakup.

The Dodgers acquired Bauer for three years and $102 million ahead of the 2021 season. He was considered the best pitcher in the league. In fact, the main character of the 2020 National League Cy Young Award is also Bauer. A pitcher capable of 10 wins, 200 innings, and 200 strikeouts. That’s why the Dodgers brought in a huge amount of money.

In the 2021 season, he recorded 107.2 innings in 17 games, 8 wins, 5 losses, 137 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 2.59. That’s it. In June 2021, he was accused of violence while having sex with a woman, and was placed on the ‘restricted player list’. He also claimed that two additional women were victimized.

The secretariat, 토토 through its own investigation, suspended 324 games without pay in April last year. Since then, it has been reduced to 194 games in December of last year. This is because Bauer was eventually acquitted. Still, you don’t get paid for these 194 games. MLB.com also reported that “Bauer lost $37.5 million (approximately 47.3 billion won).”

He digested 144 games out of 194 suspensions. You can play from the 51st game in 2023. That means the Dodgers can use Bauer as a full force again. But the Dodgers decided to let Bauer go. Trust has already been broken. He made the decision that he couldn’t be with the ‘problem child’.

Another problem is money. The Dodgers must pay Bauer the remaining annual salary of $22.5 million (approximately 28.4 billion won). ‘Saengdon’ goes out. It is the Dodgers who paid a salary to Bauer, who could not even run from July 2021 to the beginning of the 2022 season. It’s also boring. After all, a contract is a contract.

Instead, they are preparing a wage reduction lawsuit. willing to give as little as possible. Actions that the club can do enough. However, whether or not you can win here is another matter. If he loses, he must give Bauer the remaining salary.

On the other hand, if another team takes Bauer, the minimum salary is only $720,000. You can use Cy Young Young pitcher at a low price. For the Dodgers, this could be a bittersweet part.

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