Head coach Klinsmann is running again, the first schedule is European check + Kim Min-jae mental care

Jurgen Klinsmann (59), coach of the national soccer team A, who made his debut, takes the next step. Coach Klinsman, who is currently staying in the United States, will board a plane to Europe on the 14th (Korean time). Going to ‘European Check’. Coach Klinsman plans to visit England, Scotland, Italy and Germany one after another to watch and check European players’ games.

The beginning of the journey is ‘captain’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham). Coach Klinsman plans to watch the match between Tottenham and Bournemouth at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 15th and check Son Heung-min’s condition. In particular, as coach Klinsman is from Tottenham Legend, it is expected to attract attention in many ways, even overlapping with the fact that it is his long-time visit to his parent team. On the 16th, they will cross over to Kilmarnock, Scotland. He plans to watch the match between Kilmarnock and Celtic and watch Oh Hyun-kyu, who is drawing attention as the national team’s new striker. On the 19th, we will move to Naples, Italy. He meets Minjae Kim. He was scheduled to watch the second leg of the quarterfinals of the European Champions League between Napoli and AC Milan, but unfortunately, the absence was confirmed due to the accumulation of warnings by Kim Min-jae.

Lastly, coach Klinsmann, who is going to his home country Germany, comes to see the Korean Bundesliga. On the 22nd, Lee Jae-seong is playing Mainz and Bayern Munich, and on the 23rd, Jung Woo-young belongs to Freiburg and Schalke.

Since before, the European faction has been established as the center of the national team, and the European faction check has become the most important schedule for the coach of the national team A. Through the European tour, we check the skills and condition of the players. However, there is a more important reason for Klinsman’s business trip this time. It is Minjae Kim Mental Care.

Kim Min-jae complained of mental fatigue after the game against Uruguay on the 28th of last month. At the time, Kim Min-jae said, “It’s hard. Mentally, I’ve collapsed a lot. It’s soccer-wise. I’m thinking of focusing only on my team.” He was misrepresented by rumors of retirement from the national team, and once suffered measles. Afterwards, Kim Min-jae explained through SNS, but the wave continued. The controversy has ended, but the fact that ‘key defender’ Kim Min-jae is psychologically unstable is bound to be negative for Korean football. 먹튀검증

Kim Min-jae is one of the most important players from the point of view of coach Klinsman, who is aiming to win the Asian Cup and further advance to the round of 16 in the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America. Kim Min-jae, who has grown into a world-class player, is especially valuable in matches against Asian teams that have no choice but to be more aggressive. Kim Min-jae, who complained of emotional difficulties, is desperately needed. As coach Klinsman said he is good at ‘communication’, he needs to show his true worth in this trip to Europe.

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