‘Hot after bulking up 71kg → 86kg’ Seo Jin-soo “Jeju and overseas expansion”

The interview was held on the 11th. As Jeju United won 2-0 against Incheon United the day before the game, the afternoon training scheduled for the next day was canceled and turned into a rest day.

Seo Jin-soo (22, Jeju United), who was going to participate in training after an interview with a reporter, was unable to fully enjoy the rest day that suddenly came because of the originally scheduled interview schedule.

Still, I couldn’t cancel the scheduled interview, so as soon as we met, I apologized for the situation. Seo Jin-soo said, “No. Thanks to the reporter, I can promote myself.” Here, Seo Jin-soo added, “I couldn’t play yesterday (against Incheon United), so I was going to come to the clubhouse for personal training.”

Naturally, I was only on the substitute list for Incheon on the 10th and talked about why I couldn’t play. “Originally, the coach used the U-22 card and replaced the players and me in the middle of the first half, but there was no chance against Incheon,” he said. I couldn’t hide my regret even if the team won because I couldn’t run. I really have a lot of desire to play and play in every game.”

“Coach Ki-il Nam came to the situation where he couldn’t put me in during the game, so he came and said ‘I’m sorry’, said ‘I’m sorry’ after the game, and said ‘I’m sorry’ while riding the bus, expressing his apologetic heart many times. It’s your authority, but you showed a lot of apologetic feelings like that, and now that it’s passed, I’m rather apologetic. I’m going to have a more mature mind, but I’m going to do personal training after the interview so that I can be selected and play an active part in the next game.”

Surprisingly, in the next game against Suwon FC on the 14th, Seo Jin-soo made a big success with 2 goals and 1 assist, becoming the best player for Jeju’s 5-0 victory. It must have been a performance that was possible because it resolved the resentment that could not come out against Incheon. 스포츠토토

▶ The cause of the team’s sluggishness and rising trend in the early stages

After losing 2 draws and 3 losses in the opening 5 matches, Jeju has completely changed with 8 wins and 1 loss in the last 9 matches until the match against Suwon FC on the 14th. Seo Jin-soo expressed his heart, “I was really helpless during the sluggish performance in the beginning. To be honest, it felt like it was all my fault. Since I’m a striker, I felt more guilty thinking, ‘Is it because I couldn’t score a goal?'”

“Some blamed the coach, but there were too many injuries. There were no training staff at all, so it was my wish to have an 11-11 practice game, not an excuse. Now that I’m almost back and playing in normal condition, it can’t be this good.”

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