“I hope the disciples bloom more than me”… Director Lee Jeong-hyo, who calls himself a ‘gardener’

“Wouldn’t the players be in full bloom before the end of this season?”

Lee Jeong-hyo (48), coach of Gwangju FC, is the most noteworthy command tower in the K-League in the 2023 season. He captured the eyes and ears of football fans and the media with his aggressive tactics and outspoken language. 

Last year, it was tagged as a ‘novice command tower’. He had a long coaching career, but it was because he was the first professional team coach. There were concerns, but coach Lee Jung-hyo transformed Gwangju into a strong team and put it at the top of the K-League 2. 

He was a ‘challenger’ in the K League 1. Manager Lee Jung-hyo said he would maintain a high pressure line and attacking tone as he did in the second part. He kept his word. In addition, he is good enough to run 5th out of 12 teams in the first division. This is the reason why Gwangju is called the ‘Burning Team’ this season. 

In Gwangju, director Lee Jeong-hyo is the most often ‘interviewed’. There is also a lot of curiosity about the football he uses with his ever-changing tactics, but after the loss to FC Seoul last month, he made a ‘filter-free’ remark (sniping Seoul, who was defensive, saying ‘I am most upset that I lost to a team that plays soccer like that’). His outspoken words, such as saying, are a factor in his popularity. The appearance of not being satisfied even after winning is always a hot topic among soccer fans.  먹튀검증

Director Lee Jung-hyo is not very satisfied with the spotlight directed at him. Because he wants the players to shine more. Coach Lee said, ahead of the match against Gangwon FC on the 23rd (0-0 draw), “I asked the players, ‘Why do I have to interview after the game? I hope you guys will work hard,” he said. 

He called himself a ‘gardener’. Head coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “For example, when it comes to flowers, there are many players in our team who are half-bloomed. It needs to be watered and fertilized so that it can bloom more fully. If I invest a lot, I wonder if it will bloom before the end of this season. I want to become a team where the players can shine on the playground rather than me.” 

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