“I thought it was unlikely… ” Pepper savings lost by the main setter, protection list strategy with a handshake

Women’s volleyball veteran setter Lee Go-eun returns to her home team a year after transferring as a free agent (FA). Pepper Savings Bank, which recruited Park Jung-ah, the best striker in the league, ventured into a protection list strategy to leap forward next season, but a hole was created again as the main setter was lost.

The Korea Expressway Corporation announced on the 26th that it had nominated Lee Go-eun as a compensation player for Park Jung-ah, who recently transferred to Pepper Savings Bank. The Korea Expressway Corporation said, “After being notified of the list of protected players for Pepper Savings Bank, we chose Lee Go-eun after much consideration.” scheduled,” he explained.

Pepper Savings Bank, which previously recruited Park Jung-ah from the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) FA player management regulations, compensates Park Jeong-ah’s existing annual salary of 430 million won, 200% of 860 million won, and Lee Go-eun to the original team road construction. I did it.

Lee Go-eun returns to her parent team Road Construction after a year of wearing the Pepper Savings Bank uniform. After the 2021-2022 season, Pepper Savings Bank hired Lee Go-eun as the first free agent in the club’s foundation for a three-year contract period and a total compensation of 990 million won (annual salary of 300 million won, an option of 30 million won).

An official from the Pepper Savings Bank team said, “It’s not a decision by one person, and it’s not the nature of a release. Lee Go-eun is an essential player for us, but the road construction company thought the possibility of taking it back was low. Since there are other important players, we strategically formed a protection list, but unfortunately this result came out.”

Pepper Savings Bank recruited Park Jung-ah and Chae Seon-ah from Expressway Corporation and KGC Ginseng Corporation this season, respectively, and internal free agents captured OH Lee Han-bi and Libero Oh Ji-young, the core of air defense, and even hoped for volleyball in the first spring of the foundation next season. However, they faced difficulties once again when they returned the main setter, who was ambitiously recruited last season, after a year.

When asked if there was a possibility of trade during the season in a situation where the main setter was lost, he said, “I haven’t set a separate policy,” and said, “There are existing setters, and I think I need to think about it in the future.” Pepper Savings Bank has Dr. Setter and Lee Hyun, but many say that it is difficult to replace Lee Go-eun.

Meanwhile, Hyundai E&C nominated outside heater (OH) Kim Joo-hyang as a compensation player for Hwang Min-kyung (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea). Hyundai Engineering & Construction explained that day, “Kim Joo-hyang was judged to be helpful to the team both defensively and offensively in the OH seat.”

After joining Hyundai E&C through the 2017-2018 season rookie draft, Kim Joo-hyang wore the IBK Industrial Bank uniform as a compensation player for Go Ye-rim, who joined Hyundai E&C as a free agent in 2019, and returned to her parent team. Together with Kim Joo-hyang, Hyundai E&C received 560 million won, 200% of Hwang Min-kyung’s annual salary (280 million won) last season, as compensation. 메이저사이트

IBK Industrial Bank nominated Lim Hye-rim, a rookie middle blocker (MB), as a compensation player for Kim Su-ji, who transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance. IBK Industrial Bank explained, “Hye-rim Lim is a player who debuted as a pro in the 2022-2023 season in the 1st round of the 2023 rookie draft,” and “we judged it to be a future resource with excellent jumping power and strong attack power.” Along with this, he received 500 million won as compensation, which is twice the annual salary of Suji Kim last season (250 million won).

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