IBK Industrial Bank, which sent Kim Su-ji, nominated MB Lim Hye-rim as a compensation player… “Excellent jump & strong attack”

The choice of IBK Industrial Bank was middle blocker Lim Hye-rim (19).

Industrial Bank of Korea announced on the 26th, “We nominated Lim Hye-rim as a compensation player for Kim Su-ji, who transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance.”

Middle blocker Lim Hye-rim, who graduated from Sehwa Girls’ High School, was nominated by Heungkuk Life Insurance in the first round (2nd overall) of the 2022-2023 rookie draft.

He appeared in 18 games this season and recorded 18 points and an attack success rate of 38.89%. On March 19, against Hyundai E&C, he scored 7 points, including 2 blocked points, and scored the most points in his individual game. 메이저사이트

Industrial Bank of Korea explained, “After receiving a list of protected players from Heungkuk Life Insurance and struggling, we nominated them to secure future resources with great height, excellent jumping power, and strong attack power.”

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