‘Independent League→100M Contract→Bottomless’ Kiwoom Dawson adjusts to the KBO with a sassy personality

A 90-degree folder salute to the director. Hugs with teammates and a gap-toothed smile…

Ronnie Dawson, the Kiwoom Heroes’ new foreign batsman, already feels like a Korean. Dawson has already settled in and is comfortable with his teammates. He’s already integrated with his teammates like a newcomer. He’s learned the Korean folder greeting from his coach.

He also greets his coworkers with a big smile and a thumbs up. He has an easy-going personality and has already bonded with the Kiwoom players. Dawson even showed off his dance skills during training, swaying to upbeat music.

The new foreign batsman is a welcome addition to the Heroes.

Ronnie Dawson was brought in as a replacement for Edison Russell. Born in 1995. He is an American national whose main position is outfielder. He’s a five-tool player who doesn’t have a lot of power, but his quick feet make him a good baserunner and defender.

Kiwoom signed Dawson for a total of $85 million (approximately 100 million won). That’s less than Lotte’s most recent foreign signing, outfielder Nico Goodrum, who received a total of 400,000 dolars.

Of course, grades are not in order of salary.

Although he joined Kiwoom mid-season for a paltry 100 million won, his cheerful personality and understanding of Korean culture are positive signs.

Dawson made his KBO debut immediately after joining the team. Starting in left field as the fourth outfielder against Kiwoom on April 22, Dawson hit a single in the first inning to record his first hit and RBI in the KBO. Dawson’s performance helped Kiwoom snap an eight-game losing streak and earn a comfortable victory.

The next day, on the 23rd, he hit his first home run in the KBO. In the top of the third inning, with the bases loaded and his team leading 1-0, he lifted a four-pitch, 142-kilometer pitch off Lotte’s Lee In-bok for a massive 120-meter home run over the right field fence.

Dawson threw his hands up in the air in celebration, circling the bases and flashing a bright red gap-toothed grin. He high-fived himself in the air, ignoring the indifference of his teammates in the dugout.

In the 10th inning of extra innings, he hit a game-winning double off Lotte’s long-haired closer Kim Won-joong two batters later and came around to score on Song Sung-moon’s single.

It was Dawson’s second straight good performance since joining the Kiwoom. The team swept the first series of the second half with two straight wins over Lotte. Dawson had a great start to his Korean baseball career. 먹튀검증

Adjusting to a new league can be difficult, but Dawson hasn’t felt out of place. His easy-going personality makes him seem almost Korean already.

Dawson played in an independent league this season. He didn’t have a stellar major league career.

Despite his unglamorous career, Dawson is off to a great start in his second baseball career in South Korea.

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