Jeonbuk Kim Sang-sik “Kyu-seong Cho stays strong… I will get the league championship trophy back”

Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik, who gave away the league championship in the 2022 season, declared a treble challenge beyond recapturing the league championship.

Coach Sang-sik Kim repeatedly expressed his will to recapture the league in a pre-interview at the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Opening Media Day’ held at The-K Hotel in Yangjae on the 20th.

After 5 consecutive losses in the league, Jeonbuk, which was challenging for 6 consecutive losses in the 2022 season, gave the championship trophy to Ulsan Hyundai and dedicated the league title. 

Confidently, Jeonbuk embarked on a massive reinforcement of power. In addition to Lee Dong-jun, who returned from the Bundesliga, midfielders Amano Jun, Kim Gun-woong, Oh Jae-hyuk, Lee Subin, defense Jung Tae-wook, and strikers Rafael Silva and Andre Luiz joined. 

Above all, while taking the top scorer last season with 17 goals, Cho Kyu-seong, the best star of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, remained, maintaining the weight of Jeonbuk’s attacking team. 

Through the training camp in Spain, coach Kim said, “There are a lot of new players, so I think we must have competed fiercely with the existing players on the field. I think it was during the battery training period when I studied those parts.” 

He said, “It is really reassuring that Kyu-Sung Cho remains, and there are parts that the coach can use. I think that the ability to use various tactics to suit the opponent has improved by thinking about one-top and two-top with Gustavo, Andre Luis, and Raphael. ” he replied. 

Coach Kim, ahead of the opening match against Ulsan, said, “I have never stopped trying this year, but I have not been able to achieve it, but I always think that I have to challenge myself again this year with the goal of winning three tournaments and traveling.” said.

He added, “Also, I think I have to come back with the championship trophies and championship trophies that I missed last year. 먹튀검증 Above all, I will do my best to prepare for a year where I can win with a game I never lose at home.” 

Coach Kim, who watched the training camp in Spain, picked Lee Dong-jun, Song Min-gyu, and Andre Luis as players with good form. 

Regarding Andre in particular, he evaluated, “I came in a bit late, but he did well even when he was in Daejeon, and now that he’s here, you can see him as a player who is physically and technically quite expected.”

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