“KiA is perfection, Hanwha is restraint.” The difference between KIA-born 150km fastball pitchers and prospects

Han Seung-hyeok (29) of the Hanwha Eagles can see the direction of the team from the prospects he saw.

Han Seung-hyeok was a KIA Tigers player until recently. He has been steadily competing and growing as a promising pitcher with a fastball that spreads more than 150km. Last year, he pitched in 24 games and went 4-3 with an earned run average of 5.27.

However, the trade was made after the season. Han Seung-hyuk and Jang Ji-soo went to Hanwha and infielder Byun Woo-hyuk went to KIA. Han Seung-hyuk is now participating in spring camp wearing an eagle uniform at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Han Seung-hyeok said, “I was very good at the beginning of last year, but after joining the army right away, I eventually lost my stamina quickly.” said.

Han Seung-hyeok has a fast ball, but there are many fast-balling prospects in Hanwha. Last year’s rookie Moon Dong-joo and this year’s rookie Kim Seo-hyun are already raising expectations by throwing fast balls over 150 km in bullpen pitching.

If you look at the prospects of KIA and Hanwha that Han Seung-hyuk saw in person, it seems that you can know the direction of the two teams’ prospect selection.

Han Seung-hyeok said, “Hanwha has a lot of fast-paced pitchers. There are many pitchers who throw more than 150 km.” But KIA was different. Han Seung-hyuk said, “Compared to Hanwha, KIA is a bit slower in speed, but there are many friends with high perfection.”

You can tell just by looking at the rookie nominations this season. 메이저사이트 When Shim Jun-seok, who was the leading player in the first place, decided to go to the major leagues, Hanwha pondered over Kim Seo-hyun and Yun Young-cheol, and eventually chose Kim Seo-hyun, who threw over 150km. Yoon Young-cheol doesn’t have the speed to be called a fastball pitcher, but he knows how to manage the game very stably based on his good control. KIA, which was second in order after Hanwha, selected Yoon Young-chul, not other fast ball pitchers. And Yoon Young-cheol is competing with Lim Ki-young and Kim Ki-hoon as candidates for the 5th selection.

Han Seung-hyuk will now meet KIA, the team that ranked first in batting average last season, as an opponent. He said, “I’m glad to see you, but since it’s my opponent, of course I will try to win.”

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