Kim Ha-seong, third baseman also marches in Hosobi… SD is Cincinnati Game Winning Series

San Diego Padres infielder Kim Ha-seong (28) helped the team win several times in the hot corner.

Ha-seong Kim started as a 7th hitter and 3rd baseman against the Cincinnati Reds in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 4th (Korean time). With 3 at-bats, no hits and 1 walk, his batting average for the season went down from 0.228 to 0.221.

His first at-bat was at the bottom of the second inning with no one on first base. He calmly picked out the ball and walked to the floor. Later, he scored on Brett Sullivan’s two-run double.

The second at-bat was the bottom of the 4th inning with no one on first base. He played a game that went all the way to a full count, but he only hit shortstop on a fly ball. The third at-bat was in the bottom of the 6th inning. He stepped out as the leadoff hitter and retired on a grounder to second base. In the fourth at-bat, at the end of the 7th inning, with no 1st and 2nd bases, he returned with a swing strikeout after a persistent game that went up to 8 pitches.

Ha-seong Kim replaced Manny Machado (31), who took a day off, as a third baseman, and made several highlight films in defense. In the top of the second inning, he caught Nick Senzel’s batted ball from first out and first base with his backhand and threw it accurately to my first base to increase the out count.

In the top of the 5th inning, at 1st and 2nd base, he caught Jonathan India’s batted ball and quickly threw it to 2nd base, leading a double hit that led to 3rd base, 2nd baseman, and 1st baseman. In the top of the 6th inning, with 1 out and 1 base, he took a good defensive position and caught Senzel’s assault ball at once, lightening the shoulders of the pitchers.

San Diego scored the first run in the bottom of the second inning. With 2nd out, 1st and 2nd base, Sullivan hit a 2-RBI double to lead 2-0. The extra run came in the bottom of the 4th inning. Once again, Sullivan was the protagonist. He hit a 2-run homer that went over the right-middle fence from 2nd out and 1st base and ran away 4-0. 안전놀이터

The first run was in the top of the 6th inning. Starting pitcher Seth Lugo gave up a solo home run to lead hitter Spencer Steer over the left wall to make it 4-1. San Diego put a wedge in the victory in the bottom of the 6th inning. With the bases loaded with two out, Juan Soto hit a sweeping double to seal the victory 7-1.

In San Diego, starter Lugo gave up 7 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 5 strikeouts and 1 run in 6 innings, laying the foundation for the team’s victory. On the other line, Sullivan energized the offense with a multi-hit and 4 RBIs, and Soto scored 3 RBIs. With this victory, he recorded a winning series against Cincinnati and recorded a season record of 17 wins and 15 losses.

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