“KIM is very powerful”… Napoli CB Combi, Kim Min-jae ‘Infinite Trust’

Amir Rahmani, who is active as Napoli’s main center back along with Kim Min-jae, was consistent in his evaluation of his partner with praise. 

On the 26th (Korean time), Napoli’s official radio channel ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’ invited Napoli defender Rahmani for an interview on its own program ‘Radio Goal’. 

Commenting on the current situation of the team, Rahmani said, “We are still halfway to winning the league. We want to continue to show this. We haven’t achieved anything yet, so it’s too early to celebrate. The attack and the defense are in good shape. Otherwise, all victories will go back to us.” 

Napoli is at the top of Serie A this season with 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss (50 points).

The difference in points with AC Milan, second in the league, is 12 points, and they are far ahead in the competition for the league title. 

Napoli has attracted a lot of attention by playing attack-oriented football, but the key to Napoli’s rise is defense.

The Napoli defense showed off solid defense this season by allowing only 14 goals, the lowest in the league.  바카라

Rahmani is the center back who played the most league starting games after the key player, Kim Min-jae, and Napoli scored only 8 runs in 11 games in which the two players worked together. 

The two players showed off not only their chemistry, but also their friendship.

When Rahmani scored in the home game against Juventus in the 18th round of Serie A on the 14th, Min-jae Kim immediately ran to congratulate him. The two finished the goal ceremony by blowing ‘K-hand hearts’ at each other. 

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