Kim Jin-soo and Cho Kyu-seong selected as the best 11 underdogs at the World Cup in Qatar… ‘Japan also produces two’

Korea’s Kim Jin-soo and Cho Kyu-seong were selected for the 2022 Qatar World Cup Underdog Best 11.

Indian English media ‘Telegraph India’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), “We selected 11 underdogs who demonstrated more than their abilities in the Qatar World Cup.”

The 11 players introduced by the media were players representing relatively weak teams as a whole. The best was packed with 11 people who performed well in a surprisingly good team. Korea also included two players.

The goalkeeper was Yashin Bono (Morocco). Bono played a big role in the penalty shoot-out against Spain, 토토사이트 such as making a save show, and helped Morocco advance to the semifinals. Morocco still has 3-4 places left.

For the four-back line, Yoo Supa Sabali (Senegal), Roman Sais (Morocco), Harry Shooter (Australia), and Kim Jin-soo (Korea) were selected. The media revealed the reason for the selection of Kim Jin-soo, “Kim Jin-soo was perfect in fulfilling his role. Kim Jin-soo, who brought possession of the ball through accurate tackles, even recorded an assist against Ghana.”

The central midfielders were Sofiang Amrabat (Morocco) and Wataru Endo (Japan). Shalem Al Dawshari (Saudi Arabia), Doan Ritz (Japan), and Ener Valencia (Ecuador) were placed in the second line. Al Dawshari was the only player to fail to advance to the round of 16. He surprised everyone by scoring against Argentina.

Cho Kyu-seong (Korea) was named in the forefront. Cho Kyu-seong, who has already received attention for his good looks, scored multiple headers against Ghana, becoming the first player in Korea’s World Cup history to score multiple goals in one game. The media evaluated, “Cho Kyu-sung scored multiple goals against Ghana and had a nervous battle with Cristiano Ronaldo in the match against Portugal. He faithfully fulfilled his role as an underdog.”