Klinsman “I started studying Korean… I want you to wait without pressure”

Coach Jürgen Klinsmann (59) of the national football team revealed that he is studying Korean to quickly adapt to life in Korea.

At a press conference held at the Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 23rd, the day before the first A match against Colombia, coach Klinsman was asked what difficulties he faced due to a lack of language skills. ”he said.

He said, “I want to show that I can speak Korean well through the long journey ahead. I hope they don’t put pressure on me to do well right away,” he said. “(Korea) is different in everything from language to culture.” “The Asian Cup will also be different from the Euro and North and Central American Championships. If you give me time and watch over me, I will adapt quickly and show a good image.”

The request to watch while mobilizing the word pressure is interpreted as a statement conscious of the fact that attention was focused on whether or not to reside in Korea after the decision to appoint a manager was made earlier. At the time of Klinsmann’s appointment as manager, public opinion in Korea was not very good. Even when coach Klinsmann was in charge of the German national team, he mainly stayed in the United States to lead the team, and in particular, when he was head coach of Hertha Berlin in the German Bundesliga, he resigned after three months on social media, showing an irresponsible appearance. 먹튀검증

Head coach Klinsman promised him to stay in Korea, saying at a press conference earlier that he would not have such a thing in the future. At the time, he said, “I lived in many countries as a player, and through his good opportunity, I was able to experience various things in Korea. He is looking forward to living in Korea.”

On this day, when asked about the parts to be checked before the match against Colombia, he emphasized harmony, saying, “It will be important to match my philosophy with the direction the players want.” He continued, “When everything is in harmony, good results can be achieved. I will satisfy the players in a pleasant atmosphere and show good performance.”

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