Lee Kang-in-Muriki?…Will it be ‘Lee Kang-in-Gyu-sung Cho’ → Klinsmann Ho ‘toughness combo’ in the national team?

Lee Kang-in, who has shown good chemistry with Bedat Murki at his club Mallorca, has shown good chemistry with Cho Kyu-sung at the national team.

The South Korean national soccer team, coached by Klinsmann, lost its first June A match 0-1 against the Peruvian national soccer team at the Asiad Stadium in Busan on Saturday.

South Korea conceded a goal in the 10th minute to Brianne Reina. Afterward, Lee Kang-in, Oh Hyun-gyu, and Cho Kyu-sung had crucial chances to equalize, but were unable to find the back of the Peruvian net.

Despite the disappointing result, the Koreans had plenty of chances throughout the match. However, they were unable to finish, and their chances were either blocked or deflected in front of the Peruvian goal.

Lee Kang-in’s toes shone throughout the match, especially after Cho Kyu-sung came on for Oh Hyun-gyu in the 18th minute, and his sharp kicks were more effective.

In the 31st minute, Lee Kang-in’s cross found the head of Cho Kyu-sung, but unfortunately, it didn’t have the right impact and sailed past the goalpost. In the 44th minute, Lee Kang-in’s corner kick was headed by Cho Kyu-sung to the near post, but he was unable to find the back of the net.

Speaking in the post-match mixed zone, Cho said, “(Lee) Kang-in made a good chance. It was a perfect opportunity, but I couldn’t concentrate until the end,” he said, adding that it was unfortunate that he couldn’t finish the chance created by the two players’ good chemistry.

The two players also showed great chemistry at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, sharing a goal against Ghana in the second round of the group stage. With South Korea trailing 0-2 at the time, Lee Kang-in, who came on as a substitute early in the second half, sent in a left-footed cross that Cho Kyu-sung rose above the defense inside the penalty box to finish with a header that rattled the Ghanaian net. 안전놀이터

For the first time in his career, Lee has found a partner to finish his crosses for the South Korean national team.

During his time with Mallorca, Lee often sent crosses into the box that were aimed at Mourinho’s head, which was one of the main ways Mallorca scored goals.

With the Peru game once again proving that Cho’s head and Lee’s kick can be an excellent scoring route for South Korea, it will be interesting to see if the two can establish themselves as one of the team’s best combinations.

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