‘Long Time’ Hanwha Kim In-hwan “I can feel the phase change… I will learn by watching Chae Eun-seong”

Hanwha Eagles infielder Kim In-hwan (29) is determined to show a good performance in the 2023 season based on his performance last year.

After graduating from Sungkyunkwan University in 2016, Kim In-hwan joined Hanwha as a foster player. In June 2018, he entered his long-awaited first team stage, but went down to the second team again without showing much performance.

Even after that, he was often called up to the 1st group, but within a few days, he was repeatedly sent down to the 2nd group. He applied to join Sangmu in 2019, but was rejected and eventually enlisted on active duty.

It was last year that Kim In-hwan, who stayed in a dark tunnel for a long time, saw the light. At the beginning of the 2022 season, he recorded a batting average of .302, 2 home runs and 21 RBIs in 17 games in the 2nd group, and was noticed by coach Carlos Subero, and came up to the 1st team on May 1st.

There were not many people who had high hopes for the 7th year professional player who had not been active in the 1st team, but Kim In-hwan achieved a turnaround.

Last year, he appeared in 113 games and recorded a batting average of 0.261, 16 home runs, 54 RBIs, and 48 runs.

It was regrettable that his upward trend was dampened by an ankle injury at the end of the season, but he topped the team in home runs and confidently joined the ranks of the Rookie of the Year competition. 안전놀이터

Although the award failed to win because of Doosan Bears’ giver Jeong Cheol-won, Kim In-hwan’s status has completely changed in a year.

Kim In-hwan’s annual salary, which was recognized for his performance, increased by 100% to 64 million won from the previous 32 million won.

On the 29th of last month, ahead of departure for the spring camp, Kim In-hwan’s expression reminded me of what I met at Incheon International Airport. Since it was his first spring camp to take his place in the first team and leave, his determination was different.

He said, “I came to the first team last year and received support from many people. After the season is over, I can feel the change in status.” . To do that, we have to do better.”

He continued, “I belong to the older team, but my professional experience is still insignificant. I will do my best this year as a rookie.”

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