Manager Lee, “There are a lot of CB injuries…two MFs make up the defensive line”

With many injured center backs, two midfielders make up the center back line. 

The Jeonnam Dragons will play the 3rd round of the 2023 Hana One Q FA Cup against Chungnam Asan at 7:00 pm on the 12th at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex. The winner of the day will bring Ulsan Hyundai home on the 24th of next month to face off in the 4th round.

Jeonnam sent Choi Bong-jin, Kim Soo-beom, Lee Kyu-hyuk, Jang Seong-jae, Jeong Ho-jin, Jeon Seung-min, Jo Ji-hoon, Lim Chan-ul, Hanam, Cho Sang-hoon, and Kim Gun-oh as starters. Cho Seong-bin, Hong Seok-hyeon, Lee Seok-hyeon, Park Tae-yong, Lee Jun-ho, Simovic, and Noh Kun-woo were positioned on the bench.

Minister Lee said at a pre-press conference, “We sent out players who don’t get a lot of opportunities. I think we will provide motivation and give them a chance to rise because they are good players.” They are back on the roster and I hope this opportunity will bring them back to the competition and make a full recovery.” 먹튀검증

Jeonnam has many goals in the league. It is necessary to refine the defensive organization through the FA Cup. However, there are many injured center backs, so midfielders Cho Ji-hoon and Jang Seong-jae will play as center backs. “If you replay the scene of conceding, there are too many regrets. The main center backs continue to run and accumulate fatigue. So today, two midfielders make up the center back line. “he said.

Jo Ji-hoon, who will be playing as center back, showed a disappointing appearance against Gyeongnam FC. Director Lee said, “You know better what was wrong at the time. So I didn’t talk about it anymore. I believe it won’t happen again. “he said.

Regarding Hanam, who is starting as a starting striker, “The last goal must have been a great motivation. It was a very valuable goal for the team. ” said Regarding Simovic, who returned from injury, he ended the pre-press conference by saying, “I had to think about the league. Based on today, I hope to continue playing in the league.”

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