MSI, which covers the strongest region of the roll, will come out on the 24th 

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), an international League of Legends (LoL) tournament hosted by Riot Games, will be held in London, England from the 2nd of next month. There are about two weeks left until the opening day, but all participating teams have not yet been confirmed.

This is because the LEC (League of Legends EMEA Championship), a league that combines Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and the Vietnam League, VCS (Vietnam Championship Series), are still in the spring season playoff schedule. As soon as the participating teams are confirmed on the morning of the 24th (23rd local time) when the LEC finals are over, the ‘DRAW SHOW’ will be held to determine the MSI bracket. 메이저사이트

Until now, MSI had only participated in one team that won the spring season championship in each regional league. However, this year, two teams from the so-called four major leagues, including Korea (LCK) and China (LPL), Europe (LEC) and North America (LCS), will participate, including the Pacific Coast (PCS) and Japan (LJL). ), Vietnam (VCS), Brazil (CBLOL), and Latin America (LLA).

This seems to be a change due to the merger of the Turkish league into the LEC and the integration of the Oceania league into the PCS starting this year. In other words, the decrease in the number of participating teams due to league consolidation was solved by increasing tickets for major league teams. It is evaluated as a reorganization that takes into account the effect of increasing interest in the competition by increasing the number of matches between popular leagues. 

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