Only Klins pays attention, Daejeon Hana’s ‘supernova’ Bae Jun-ho

It is highly likely that the start of the generational change will be ‘supernova’ Bae Jun-ho (20, Daejeon Hana Citizen). Last month, coach Jurgen Klinsmann of the national soccer team A, who returned after inspecting European players such as Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Kim Min-jae (Napoli), and Lee Jae-seong (Mainz), returned to Korea and said in an interview, “There is a U-20 World Cup right now. I will watch carefully,” he said. Coach Klinsman, who actually made his debut as a member of the Qatar World Cup, will start to color in earnest from June. Looking ahead to the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America, Coach Klinsman revealed his strong will for a generational shift and made several references to young players, especially the U-20 national team.

It seems that Bae Jun-ho, the ‘ace of the U-20 national team’, was caught on Klinsman’s radar. According to the football world, coach Klinsman has mentioned Bae’s talent several times. Coach Klinsman watched the match in person. A member of the national team met with Daejeon Hana coach Lee Min-seong to check on Bae Jun-ho early on, and it was reported that he had a conversation with Kim Eun-joong U-20 national team coach.

Bae Jun-ho is the most prominent young resource this season. Bae Jun-ho, who is only 20 years old, has established himself as a proud axis of Daejeon, which is causing a sensation. Bae Jun-ho, who participated in the U-20 Asian Cup and missed the beginning of the season, has been steadily playing since then. It is different from other U-22 cards that play 15-20 minutes. Bae Jun-ho has played 6 games this season, playing an average of 59 minutes. He doesn’t have an offensive point, but he’s showing outstanding performance. Particularly noteworthy is depressurization. He is in third place overall with five. It is a record that shows the outstanding technique of Bae Jun-ho.

Bae Jun-ho is a promising player whom Daejeon cherishes. He put a lot of effort into recruiting. Bae Joon-ho is the ace of Jinwi FC and has been evaluated as ‘No. 1 in high school rankings’. He freely uses his left and right feet, and he has passing, dribbling, sense, decisiveness, and even stamina. In particular, his outstanding breakthrough ability and ability to break through were recognized early on at the super high school level. Bae Joon-ho, who participated in the high school Wangjungwangjeon and drew praise from university officials as “things came out”, showed off his more mature skills from his sophomore year and received intensive courtship from domestic and foreign teams.

Jeonbuk Hyundai, Ulsan Hyundai, Daegu FC, Jeju United, and FC Seoul sent love calls. Each promised the best treatment. Europe, including Germany and France, also showed interest. The most active team was Daejeon. Chairman Huh Jeong-moo, who was called ‘Huckout’ because of his excellent eye for players, watched Bae’s game and led the recruiting match. As a result of Chairman Huh’s persuasion, Bae Jun-ho wore a Daejeon uniform with Lee Eun-jae, who was with him at Jinwi FC.

However, the professional wall was high. He didn’t take his chance right away. He also showed flashing scenes from moment to moment in the spiral games, but overall he couldn’t keep up with the tempo. Bae Jun-ho consistently participated in team B games and sharpened his sword. Bae Jun-ho, ㅋㅋㅋ벳 who completed his preparations by attending his U-20 national team, showed potential in the second half and even scored his debut goal. Bae Jun-ho, who has become the main player in the rise of Daejeon in the second half of the 2022 season, is showing a better figure in K-League 1, which is one step higher this season. Bae Jun-ho’s technique also worked in the first division. Applause from officials continues.

Bae Jun-ho, who also showed good performances in the U-20 Asian Cup, drew the attention of European scouts. In fact, at the time, Bae Jun-ho was not in normal condition due to an upset stomach. He showed off his potential through sheer base deception. Bae Jun-ho is looking forward to the upcoming U-20 World Cup in Argentina. Bae Jun-ho is the key ace of Kim Eun-joong. Bae Jun-ho, who dreams of becoming a star from a promising player, is now receiving attention from the A national team.

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