Park Seung-jae, ahead of the draft, “(Byeon) Jun-hyung wants to resemble his older brother’s sense”

Park Seung-jae picked Byun Jun-hyung as his role model.

Dongguk University won 66-59 against Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at the Sangmyung University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 28th.

Park Seung-jae boasted a hot shot feeling from the first quarter. He drove in 9 runs alone. He also made one 3-pointer and added a breakout point and a mid-range point. He also added 5 points in the 2nd quarter. As a result, Dongguk University finished the first half with a score of 40-22.

However, in the third quarter, Dongguk University gave up the flow by conceding consecutive runs to the opponent. In such a situation, the player who brought the flow back was Park Seung-jae. He added five points in a row, adding a basket count following a mid-range breakthrough. With Park Seung-jae’s performance, Dongguk University brought the atmosphere back and won the game with the remaining time remaining.

Park Seung-jae, who won the game that day, said, “We lost 5 in a row and won 1. It’s awkward because it’s been a long time since we’ve had a game, but it feels good to have a good result.”

On this day, Dongguk University overwhelmed the opponent in the first quarter. However, the attack did not go away after that, and the chase was allowed. When he mentioned this, “I was anxious, but I originally won the match in the 4th quarter. And when it happened in the first quarter, I thought it would be narrowed down. (Laughs) So I think I passed it well.”

The beginning of the season at Dongguk University was very uneasy. It was because they won the opening match, but after that, they recorded 5 consecutive losses. Nevertheless, he won his first game after the break and raised the mood. When asked about the break period, Park Seung-jae said, “I knew our shortcomings through the video meeting. I focused on that even when I was exercising.” 토토사이트

“I regained my confidence through today’s match. But I think I need to pay more attention to mistakes.”

Park Seung-jae, a 4th grader this year. He is about to participate in the KBL draft. Park Seung-jae, who identified his role model as Dongguk University senior Byun Jun-hyung, said, “Since elementary school, (Byeon) Jun-hyung watched his brother play a lot and decided to have a bigger dream. He expressed his respect, saying, “I admire the play with excellent sense, so he wants to do something like that, so he is working hard.”

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