Park Tae-yong’s short-answer march for the first time at a press conference…”I’ll educate you separately!”

Park Tae-yong, who scored his debut goal before his debut, received a surprise notice of discipline (?) at a press conference.

The Jeonnam Dragons won a 3-2 victory over Chungnam Asan in the 3rd round of the 2023 Hana One Q FA Cup held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex on the 12th at 7:00 pm. Jeonnam will meet Ulsan Hyundai in the 4th round.

Park Tae-yong took the spotlight of the game. Park Tae-yong, born in 2001, was born in Suncheon, Jeonnam, and is a Jeonnam local boy who went through Gwangyang Jecheol Middle School and Gwangyang Jecheol High School. After going to Kwangwoon University, he was called up this year and joined Jeonnam. Park Tae-yong, who had not yet made his K-League debut, was included in the FA Cup roster and was substituted in the 45th minute of the second half. Park Tae-yong, who came out in a 2-2 situation, scored a theatrical goal just before the end.

It was his debut goal before his debut. Park Tae-yong’s goal allowed Jeonnam to advance to the 4th round and bring Ulsan home. At the post-game press conference, Minister Lee said, “Park Tae-yong is a player who has high expectations for the winter. Time is not important,’ he said. I want to say congratulations,” and applauded.

After the press conference of the two coaches, Park Tae-yong, who was designated as the best player, went to the press conference. Park Tae-yong, who was the first to be in such a position, expressed his feelings with a somewhat nervous look, saying, “He did not know how to enter the game. When he said he was going to be put in, he tried to do everything he could.” When asked about the first thought he heard, he said, “I had no idea. I thought, ‘What did I do?’ 먹튀검증

Compared to players with a lot of interview experience, Park Tae-yong consistently answered questions with short answers. He is a player with little information and he scored his debut goal before his debut, so the reporters at the press conference tried to elicit more answers, but Park Tae-yong gave a short answer with a bright smile. Behind the scenes, the Jeonnam official looked a bit impatient. He sent a non-verbal gesture with the feeling of ‘Tell me long’, but Park Tae-yong was consistent.

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