“Perfect KIM! I’m sorry I’m leaving Serie A”… Lukaku’s ‘Blockdown’ Kim Min-jae’s baptism

Kim Min-jae showed a good performance against Inter Milan. Local media poured out praise.

Napoli won Inter Milan 3-1 in the 36th round of Italian Serie A in the 2022-23 season held at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy on the 22nd at 1:00 am (Korean time). With the league championship already confirmed, Napoli remained in first place (86 points).

Napoli recently invited Inter Milan, who was on an eight-game winning streak, home. Although they had already won the championship, it was necessary to reorganize the atmosphere as they were recording 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss in the last 4 matches. The match proceeded in a tense manner. However, in the 41st minute of the first half, Inter Milan’s midfielder Galliadini was sent off for cumulative warnings, breaking the balance.

The opening goal came in the 22nd minute of the second half. Anguisa, who received Zielinski’s pass, finished it off. Afterwards, Napoli tried to arrange the stamina of key players through replacements and give opportunities to candidate resources. In the 29th minute of the second half, Kim Min-jae was left out and Jesus came in. Coincidentally, they gave up an equalizer eight minutes later.

Fortunately, Napoli did not waver. Due to the opponent’s sending off, they had a numerical advantage, and eventually scored two goals in the last minute of the second half. In the 40th minute of the second half, Di Lorenzo scored again to take the lead, and Gaetano put a wedge into the game in the second half of extra time. In the end, Napoli defeated Inter Milan 3-1.

On this day, Kim Min-jae’s performance was good. He blocked the opposing striker Lukaku, who is 191 cm tall and weighs 103 kg, well. It was notable that Lukaku scored the equalizer not long after Kim Min-jae was left out. Kim Min-jae played for about 74 minutes and showed solid defense with a 100% tackle success rate, 2 clearings, and 1 ball blocking.

Praise followed. Italy’s ‘Calcio Napoli’ gave a thumbs up, saying, “Always unmatched. Lukaku couldn’t breathe. Certainly, along with Quarzhelia, Osimen, and Robotka, it is a key resource in Naples.” Italy’s ‘Goal.com’ also praised him, saying, “Kim Min-jae is a player who can hardly pass. He is the pillar of Napoli’s defense.” 스포츠토토

Italy’s ‘Calciomercato’ said, “No one can pass Kim Min-jae. Whenever he starts, he always shows perfect performance.” “Currently, Kim Min-jae seems highly likely to leave the Serie A stage. It’s a pity,” he said. I was about to do it.

Kim Min-jae joined Fenerbahçe last season, and thanks to his outstanding performance, he left Turkiye and entered Serie A in a year. And his presence in Serie A was revealed, establishing himself as the league’s best defender. Because of this, he is also rumored to be transferred to Napoli after one season. Currently, Manchester United is known as the most active team.

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