“PIT, Bae Ji-hwan left his seat for the opening roster”… Bae Ji-hwan responded with a hit

Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Bae Ji-hwan (24) is about to enter the opening roster after six years of trying in the big leagues.

The Pittsburgh local magazine ‘Trip Live’ reported on the 28th (Korean time) that ‘Pittsburgh has organized its big league camp personnel to prepare rookies Bae Ji-hwan and Kanan Smith-Njiba’s opening roster positions to be appointed as utility players. did.

The media said, ‘Pittsburgh sent Mark Mathias, who was recruited from the Texas Rangers on the 9th, to Triple-A, and reassigned infielders Drew Maggie and Chris Owings, and right-handed bullpen Tyler Chatwood to the minor league camp.’

“The move comes a day after Pittsburgh sent outfielder Miguel Anduha and left-handed bullpen Angel Perdomo to minor league camp. With them leaving, only Bae Ji-hwan, Smith-Njiba, Connor Joe, and backup catcher Jason DeLay or Tyler Heine will be competing for the last four fielders,’ he added.

Bae Ji-hwan first knocked on the major league stage when he signed a contract with the Atlanta Braves in 2017 after graduating from Gyeongbuk High School. As it became known that Atlanta had made an illegal contract, he had to start over with a minor league contract with Pittsburgh in 2018, but he has grown to the point where he is now competing to enter the big league opening roster by stepping on the rookie course. 카지노사이트

The day I heard the good news. Bae Ji-hwan met the club’s expectations by producing hits in the demonstration game. In an exhibition game with the Minnesota Twins on the 28th, he started as second baseman as he batted ninth and went 1-for-4. During the game, he switched defensive positions to center field, showing his utility skills as well. His exhibition game performance is a batting average of 0.244 (11-for-45), an OPS of 0.559, and two RBIs.

Bae Ji-hwan was called up to the big leagues for the first time at the end of last season and was named the 26th Korean major leaguer. Will he be able to play on the ground with his teammate Choi Ji-man (32) as he greets the major leaguers from the start of this season?

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