‘Pittsburgh Magic’ rated A+ in the first month of ‘Team Salary Ranked 27th’

Before the opening, something that no one expected was happening. The Pittsburgh Pirates, who finished the first month of the season as the National League leader, received the highest rating.

ESPN, an American sports channel, announced on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time), evaluating the results of 30 major league teams last month on a scale of A+ to F——.

The teams that received the best results were the Tampa Bay Rays, who won 13 straight wins in the opening season, and Pittsburgh, which ranked first in the National League, which no one expected. got an A+

Pittsburgh, in particular, is showing a solid unity with the entire team after the return of franchise star ‘Captain’ Andrew McCutchen. In the middle of last month, he rode an upward trend with seven consecutive wins.

Bae Ji-hwan’s activities were not insignificant here. Bae Ji-hwan shook the opponent’s battery by producing many hits through sprinting in every at-bat.

In addition, Bae Ji-hwan is showing an excellent performance to rank tied for second in the major leagues with 11 stolen bases. His feet are of great help to the team.

Other teams that received A’s include the Baltimore Orioles and the Milwaukee Brewers. In particular, Baltimore is being evaluated as a team that has advanced to the postseason at once from the dark horse. 스포츠토토

The Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers went on to get an A-, and the Minnesota Twins and Arizona Diamondbacks got a B+.

Afterwards, the Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Mets received Bs, the Miami Marlins received B-s, and the Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia Phillies, and Boston Red Sox received Cs.

The Cleveland Guardians, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, and San Francisco Giants, who performed worse than expected, ended up with C-.

In addition, the New York Yankees, the Seattle Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds, who were evaluated as candidates for the championship, were rated D+, while the St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers were rated D.

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