‘Recruit Shin Won-ho and Kim Joo-hwan’ Cheonan City, born in 2001, left and right wingbacks

Cheonan City FC, the youngest member of the professional football K League 2, is equipped with ‘tail wings’ that will add a sense of stability. Left wingback Shin Won-ho (21) and right wingback Kim Joo-hwan (21), born in 2001, of the same age joined the squad at the rear. They have been promising since childhood, and as they are promising players who have accumulated experience on the professional stage, they have expectations for their future performances.

Kim Joo-hwan, who grew up steadily following the elite course, has increased his playing time through various professional teams despite his young age. A native of Pohang Jecheol High School, he has consistently proven his presence through the national soccer team under the age of 17 (U-17) and under the age of 20 (U-20).

After graduating from high school, Kim Joo-hwan was recognized for his skills and went straight to the professional team, receiving the priority selection of the Pohang Steelers (K1). In the process of his growth, he turned from an attacker to a defender and is evaluated as a player who has both quick feet and dribbling breakthrough power. While solidifying his position as a defender who is good at attacking, he also played in Gyeongnam FC and FC Anyang (above K2) and accumulated various experiences.

Shin Won-ho, who played an active part in the U-18 national soccer team, was recognized for his growth potential early on and joined Gamba Osaka (Japan) right after graduating from high school. He didn’t get many appearances, but he showed presence every time he was given a chance. 메이저놀이터

Shin Won-ho is evaluated as a versatile player who has not only reckless defense but also active offensive ability based on quick feet and dribbling ability. He can play multiple positions from wingback to wing forward. He returned to Korea after moving his opponent to Suwon Samsung (K1) last year, and made a fresh start in Cheonan City ahead of the 2023 season.

With the addition of reliable left and right wingbacks, manager Park Nam-yeol (52)’s season plan is expected to be implemented in a more stable manner. As the tail of an airplane plays a crucial role in flight stability and direction control, it is expected that the two newly recruited players will play an important role in stabilizing the play that Cheonan City seeks.

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