‘SNS Controversy’ Kim Seo-hyun’s passion for baseball apologized in tears… A surprise bullpen pitch that even the general manager didn’t know

Hanwha Eagles rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyun (19) apologized for the SNS-related controversy and started pitching in the bullpen as soon as she returned to training.

Kim Seo-hyun apologized for causing controversy due to the leak of her private SNS account prior to the spring camp held at Bell Bank Park, Mesa, Arizona, USA on the 11th (Korean time). Kim Seo-hyun, who was excluded from the 3-day training, conducted personal training at the accommodation for 4 days, including rest days.

“The fans gave us a lot of expectations, but I’m sorry that I only disappointed them after seeing them live up to their expectations,” said Kim Seo-hyun, who bowed her head, “I really will make sure this doesn’t happen again. He expressed his determination to show a different image, saying, “I have become basic before being a baseball player, and I will try to become a more mature person than I am now and come back.”

After apologizing and team training with her colleagues, Kim Seo-hyun asked the coaching staff for bullpen pitching. It was a sudden bullpen pitching that surprised even General Manager Son Hyuk, who was present at the scene, but Kim Seo-Hyun adjusted her condition by throwing fastballs, ignoring the stronger-than-usual strong wind. 온라인카지노

Hanwha said, “Kim Seo-hyun did not officially pitch in the bullpen. As he did not pitch for 4 days, he conducted a short pitching program to learn the feel of the mound and the ball. Kim Seo-hyun made the request, and there are concerns such as injuries due to sudden pitching, so it can be seen that he made 13 short pitches rather than formal pitching.”

At the time of the SNS controversy, Kim Seo-hyun appeared at the baseball field wearing a hat with various advices such as “There is no player greater than the team,” coach Carlos Subero said, “Let’s mature,” “Let’s reflect,” and “Let’s not lose confidence.” said, “I visited all the seniors and apologized. He said that his seniors should ‘reflect on this mistake and use it as an opportunity to become a better person’. He reflected a lot after hearing those words, and he had to think again about how he should behave as a professional player in the future.”

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Seo-hyun, who threw the ball as soon as she returned to training and burned her will, will be able to show a really different side of herself.

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