SSG recruits Elias from the 2023 WBC Cuban national team… Romero was replaced

SSG Landers acquired Roennis Elias (34), a left-handed pitcher from the former Chicago Cubs, for a total of $540,000 as a replacement for Eni Romero on the 4th.

Cuban-born Elias joined the Seattle Mariners as an international amateur free agent in 2011 and made his MLB debut in 2014. In his first year of debut, he played 29 games (29 starts) in the major leagues and immediately achieved a double-digit multiplier (10 wins, ERA 3.85), and in 133 major league games (54 starts), 22 wins and 24 losses in 395 2/3 innings He is a veteran left-handed pitcher with abundant major league experience, including an ERA of 3.96.

He also participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) as a member of the Cuban national team and led the Cuban national team to the semifinals as the team’s leader. In particular, he pitched as a starting pitcher against Italy in the qualifier and pitched well with 2 hits and 3 strikeouts in 5 innings.

SSG evaluates Elias as a highly-completed left-handed pitcher who has all the capabilities a starting pitcher should have, such as pitch position, command, breaking ball ability, and game management. Above all, the angle of the fastball from the stable pitching mechanic is excellent, and the movement of the changeup and curve thrown from the same release point as the fastball is sharp, making it a pitcher capable of pitching a variety of repertoires.

SSG checked Elias’ baseball internal and external evaluations in various ways through the network owned by Trey Hillman Consultant, and was evaluated as good in terms of skill and personality through various routes. 메이저놀이터

Guillermo Heredia, who played together as a teammate for the Seattle Mariners, advised the club that “Elias is a nice, good-natured player and has an emotionally stable disposition.”

Elias said, “I am grateful to the officials for giving me the opportunity to join a prestigious club called SSG. I am so happy to be able to play baseball in Korea, and I look forward to the day I can meet the fans. When we join the team, we will do our best together so that we can win the championship. I ask for your support,” he said.

Meanwhile, SSG plans to request the KBO to disclose player registration if there is nothing wrong after Elias’ medical check.

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