‘Streak win-loss streak’ crossing → Every day is a long way and the rankings… The early theme is ‘getting dizzy’

The expression ‘dizzy’ seems to fit perfectly. When you go to bed and wake up with a winning streak and a losing streak, your ranking changes. At the beginning of the 2023 KBO League season, the game is ‘chaos’.

When the game was finished on the 16th, SSG was first, and LG and NC tied for second place behind SSG and the win rate without riding. Kiwoom and Doosan tied for 4th place, while KT, Lotte, Samsung, Hanwha and KIA were ranked 6th to 10th.

On the 23rd, a week later, SSG is in first place and LG is in second place without a ride. Doosan is 3rd, one game behind SSG-LG, Lotte is 4th, and NC is 5th. KT is 6th, Kiwoom is 7th, and KIA has risen from the bottom to 8th. Samsung and Hanwha are 9th and 10th.

A lot has happened in this week as well. On the 18th, NC rose to first place, and on the 19th, SSG fell to 4th place. In the meantime, KT came in third. Samsung climbed to a tie for 6th place and then fell again. Doosan, which was in 5th place, moved up to 3rd place.

dizzy. This is not the time to take the long view and calculate season wins. First of all, you have to put your energy into winning the game you are playing right now. It’s still the first month of opening, and that’s about it.

It is because of the winning streak and the losing streak. As of the 23rd, SSG and Lotte had 4 consecutive wins, and Doosan and KIA had 3 wins in a row. Sweep 3 consecutive weekends side by side.

There are naturally losing teams. NC is on a 5-game winning streak, and Samsung is on a 4-game losing streak. KT and Kiwoom recorded three consecutive losses each. In the case of SSG, it was on a 4-game losing streak until the 19th, but since then it has won 4 games in a row. Samsung also lost 4 in a row after winning 3 in a row. 토토사이트

I wonder if there was such a chaotic early season. As for the reason, it is an injury. Injuries are on the rise for each team. It’s hard to enumerate them individually. Every team has at least 1-2, and at most 3-4, in the starting lineup.

can’t figure out the cause The field directors also said, “I don’t know why. It’s like the first time I’ve ever had a season with so many injuries,” he said, sticking out his tongue.

Some point out that it may have been that the body adapts while camping in Korea for the past two years, and then suddenly goes to a warm place and overworks. It means the rhythm is not right. Players who participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) should also see that their body rhythm is disturbed.

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