“Sufficient funds”… Brighton blocks knives in interest of Man Utd, Mitoma of Japan

As interest in Japanese midfielder Kaoru Mitoma (Brighton Hove Albion), who is showing off his skills by making offensive points in five consecutive games, became hot, Brighton and Hove Albion drew a line.

Mitoma scored a key goal just before the end of the second half in the quarterfinals of the 2022-23 England FA Cup against Grimsby on the 19th (Korean time), leading a 5-0 victory and presenting Brighton a ticket to advance to the semifinals.

In the FA Cup semi-finals, it is difficult to advance to the final due to Manchester United, but in the Premier League, they are running 7th with 42 points. The possibility of playing in the European club competition, which is the club’s wish, is open as it has played one less game and is 5 points behind Newcastle United (47 points), which is in 5th place, which is the right to advance to the European Football Federation Europa League (UEL) next season.

Mitoma is active every day. In the FA Cup Round of 16, he contributed 1 assist to Stoke City’s 1-0 victory, and in the following 3 league games, he contributed 2 wins and 1 draw with 1 goal and 2 assists. 바카라

It is evaluated that the will to dig into space and the dribbling ability are close to the top. Naturally, he is embroiled in transfer rumors, and local reports estimating his value to 30 million pounds (48.1 billion won) are also pouring in. If you recall the memory of signing from Kawasaki Frontale in August 2021 for 2.5 million pounds (3.8 billion won), it is a business that is more than 10 times bigger.

As interest soared, Brighton CEO Paul Barber seems to have started blocking it. The British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 21st, ‘When Manchester United sent a scout to observe Mitoma, Paul Barber argued that there was no reason to sell a player for the survival of the club.’

Brighton sent Leandro Trosar to Arsenal for £27m in the winter transfer window. He says he has no problem with financing and sticks to the policy of raising and selling players, so he doesn’t feel the need to transfer Mi Toma right away.

Brighton are aware that in the summer transfer window, more attention is being paid to Alexis McAllister and Moises Caicedo, who led Argentina to victory at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, than to Mitoma. Mitoma is about 3rd in terms of transfer.

Barber said: “We know that Mitoma is a player who will be interested in the next poetic market. We are ready and we understand. We just want Mitoma to spend the rest of the season well.” He emphasized the importance of focusing on grades.

“Brighton is not a structure where you have to sell players to survive as a club. We are financially lucky,” he explained. It is a team near London, and it means that there is no big problem in raising the value by gathering players who are full of cost-effectiveness.

Rather, he argued, “no right-back in the league would enjoy defending against Mitoma. Even a top-notch player like Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) had a rough time against him.”

Brighton have a knack for player business. Trosar, as well as Neil Mupay (Everton), Mark Cucurella (Chelsea), Leo Östigard (Napoli), Yves Bisuma (Tottenham Hotspur), Ben White (Arsenal), etc. did.

In the case of Mitoma, it is evaluated that Trosar’s transfer void was completely filled. It feels like there are no side members at all. Analysis is pouring in that he is firmly balancing the right and left sides with Soli March. The big reason is that I don’t want to put Mitoma on the transfer market right away.

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