‘Suwon Young-gun’ Oh Hyun-kyu, not ‘World Cup Star’ Cho Kyu-seong, to Celtic?

The joys and sorrows of Cho Kyu-seong and Oh Hyeon-gyu may be mixed.

Riyal Thomas, a reporter for Sky Sports in the UK, reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Celtic is getting closer to signing Hyun-kyu Oh. The transfer agreement will be completed soon and medical tests will be conducted.” It seems that Oh Hyun-gyu has been selected as a replacement for Yorgos Yakumakis, who has a strong possibility of a transfer.

The striker who was more likely to go to Celtic than Oh Hyun-kyu was Cho Kyu-seong. Cho Kyu-seong grew up at FC Anyang and went through Jeonbuk Hyundai to become a top striker in the K-League. When I first moved from Anyang to Jeonbuk, I had many regrets, but after enlisting in the military as managing director Kim Cheon, I improved my physical and decision-making skills, reducing my weaknesses and maximizing my strengths. He raised his reputation by becoming the top scorer in the K-League 1 last season.

He rose to the ranks of the stars at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Before the tournament, Hwang Ui-jo was classified as a backup striker, but emerged as the main player in the finals. He impressed against Uruguay and showed off his skills against Ghana by scoring multiple goals. Even against Portugal and Brazil, he did not hesitate and exerted his influence and succeeded in imprinting the stone letters of Cho Kyu-sung’s name on the world.

After the World Cup, going to Europe was discussed, 바카라사이트 and he was strongly connected with Celtic. It looked like he was going to Celtic, but he failed to reach an agreement with Jeonbuk Hyundai, and the trip to Celtic was virtually canceled. Currently, Cho Kyu-sung is going to Barcelona, ​​Spain for Jeonbuk field training. Even while the deal with Cho Kyu-seong was canceled, Celtic did not reduce their interest in the Korean striker and turned to Oh Hyun-kyu to propose to Suwon Samsung.

Oh Hyun-kyu is a young gun representing the K-League. He was born in 2001, so he is young, but he has played for the Suwon Samsung first team since 2019. He quickly solved his military problems and developed his physical strength, increasing his strengths. After he was discharged, he became Suwon Ace. He appeared in 36 K-League 1 matches last season and scored 13 goals, ranking 7th in scoring.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who clearly proved his ability in Suwon, was also selected for the A national team. He was called by coach Paulo Bento and made his A-match debut, and although not an official member, he also accompanied the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Celtic made an offer to Oh Hyeon-gyu, who became the best player of his age by accumulating experience on various stages at a young age.

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