“Sweep, please” followed by a flare…the ‘learning effect + commentary quality’ that I couldn’t find in Oh Jae-won.

It’s getting worse by the day. There’s a difference between ‘speaking your mind’ and spouting off without thinking. This is a commentator who is giving back the wounds he received. There is no other way.

In the seventh inning of the Samsung Lions’ game against the SSG Landers at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on April 24, Yang Chang-seop took the mound to face Choi Jung with runners on first and third base. After getting a first-pitch strike from Choi, Yang threw a high fastball to the body in the second pitch, a 146-kilometer fastball to the head in the third pitch, and a ball that was not in the zone in the fourth pitch that grazed Choi’s jersey. After Choi walked to first base, Yang took off his hat to apologize.

At this point, commentator Oh Jae-won’s words became a hot topic. He said, “I hate this situation the most. There’s no need to apologize when you’re losing and getting hit a lot. As soon as he threw it, I tried to let it go because it was weird before, but it was an open slap. There’s no way Choi doesn’t know,” he said, claiming that Yang intentionally threw a ball that hit his body.

This led to a “snipe” on social media. Yang posted on his SNS, “Fish are always caught with their mouths. Humans are also caught by the mouth.” He posted an image of a Talmud with the phrase, “Fish are always caught by the mouth.” He showed his discomfort with Oh Jae-won. Although he did not refer to Oh Jae-won, it was clear at a glance that he was aiming at the commentator, who had caused several controversies with his words.

However, Oh Jae-won did not remain silent. He responded to Yang Chang-sup by posting a Talmudic quote on his social media, “A fool speaks of what he has heard, and a wise man speaks of what he has seen.” 토토사이트 Their actions quickly spread through the online community, and a “controversy” was born.

In response, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung and Samsung coach Park Jin-man spoke out. Before the game on the 25th, Kim Won-hyung said, “We don’t do that these days. Not only our team, but all teams try to play normal baseball, even if the score difference is large. If you watch the KBO League in recent years, it’s different from the way we used to play baseball,” he said, adding that he didn’t feel it was an empty ball.

“Pitchers try to dig into their opponents’ weaknesses. On the contrary, the batter tries to identify the pitcher’s weaknesses. When we analyzed Choi, we found that he was weak against body balls. That’s why we threw body pitches.” “No pitcher throws to hit a home run. “No pitcher pitches to hit a home run to a hitter, they pitch to find the weakness of the hitter, and I don’t understand the controversy,” he said, dismissing the intentional pitch controversy.

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